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TNA and Corgan Rep Responds to Reports

Newsday recently contacted TNA about reports of Billy Corgan being in talks to purchase the company. They were forwarded a copy of Janice Carter’s recent internal memo where she denied the reports. Here’s part of Janice’s memo:

“An unfortunate aspect of this business is that there are wrestling ‘reporters’ who consistently post ‘news stories’ without proper facts. I want to assure you these are just rumors and that I am committed to TNA and its future.”

Newsday also contacted a spokesperson for Corgan on Sunday. They said:

“There is no reason to comment on rumors. Billy is completely focused on Resistance Pro’s upcoming 2nd anniversary [show on Nov. 23].”

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  • Me

    Has anyone seen Resistance Pro Wrestling? How is it?

  • Tsall13

    It’s better then TNA by a long shot. Put together very well. All the talent on the roster can put on great matches. All in all its put together very well for being an indie promotion. He’s a smart man wrestling wise but he doesn’t come close to being smart enough or wealthy enough to carry a national televised promotion on a weekly basis. It’s going to take a mind and bank account of either Turner or a McMahon to turn things around over their. Maybe Shane might stick it to daddy for making Trips the next CEO of a McMahon ran company. But there’s a lot of TNA talent that should be cut and a lot that need to be resigned. But that won’t ever happen while the Carter’s are in charge.

    • I love their world title as well.

      • Tsall13

        Always been a fan of a basic title graphic especially for the main title of a promotion

  • TrollNonstopAction

    LOL the dirtsheets don’t know crap.

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