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TNA Copies Sons of Anarchy for PPV, Identity of Aces & 8s Woman Revealed

– As seen on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, a female TNA crew member ended up turning on Sting and Hulk Hogan backstage, leading to their kidnapping. That woman has been revealed to be independent women’s wrestler Leva Bates. Bates is from Orlando and was trained by Bully Ray at the Team 3D Academy. No word yet if TNA will continue to use her.

– The 2012 TNA Turning Point poster is a play off hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. The poster indicates that Aces & 8s won’t be done terrorizing TNA at Bound For Glory. Turning Point takes place on November 11th from Florida:

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  • Billy Ray trained her?

  • K2

    Sons of Anarchy … superb series :)

  • Mayback

    I Guess Aces and Eights wins at Bound for Glory right? Way to Spoil the match guys

  • tim

    if you didnt know aces and 8s were going to win the first match in this story, you dont know much about wrestling.

    i guess wwe doesnt know much about wrestling, because that’s exactly what happened to their big “dominant” group, nexus. they built these guys up, just for cena to squash them in their first match as a group. then they tried to rebuid them (with horrible dq and countout finishes) the next night but they were never the same. that didnt stop wwe from telling us on a weekly basis how they were the “most dominant group in history”.

  • Real Kosher

    poor poor Opie!!!!!!

  • Z…..

    ya should be obvious. sting and abyss will lose and then later in the main event, eric bischoff, hulk hogan, jeff jarrett, abyss, and jeff hardy will be revealed to be the leaders of the group

  • Rg41982

    Guys this storyline has run its course. Boring!

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