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TNA Files Lawsuit Against WWE & Brian Wittenstein

– TNA Wrestling filed a lawsuit in Nashville, TN yesterday against World Wrestling Entertainment and former TNA/WWE office worker Brian Wittenstein for interference with existing contracts, conversion, breach of contract, civil conspiracy, unfair competition, and violation of the Tennessee Uniform Trade Secrets Act. They are also suing Wittenstein for breach of duty loyalty.

The lawsuit alleges that Wittenstein, who had worked for TNA previously, gave WWE inside information on contracts and other matters backstage within TNA, and now WWE is attempting to poach talent from TNA based off that information.

Wittenstein worked briefly under Michael Hayes when he was hired by WWE earlier this year before being let go in April. The lawsuit alleges that during this time period, Wittenstein provided WWE the inside information from TNA. However, WWE did not inform TNA that the informtion was provided for several weeks.

TNA claims that this information was presented on 5/7. Several days later, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair approached TNA management about being released from his contract. TNA alleges that Flair wanted out so he could return to WWE.

An injunction was issued earlier today demanding that WWE & Wittenstein return whatever confidential information retained during his TNA tenure. They were both instructed not to destroy the material.


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  • Zer00

    Treat talent better and maybe they’ll want to stick around.

  • JD Silvo

    @ZerOO Cause WWE treats their talents so well :)

  • drummerjc5

    zer00: did you even read the article?

  • Parkour King

    But I did.

    I say they TNA have a case but I still dislike tna because of dixie but do watch it so if it went under I’m good as long as the true independent wrestling organisation, roh is going strong.

  • david

    Coup Coup Coup but in all honesty trademark secrets have been passed all along the list is long Hogan,Bishoff,,Kevin,,Terry Taylor,Mick n T.n.a also copies a lot of wwe crap n yes I know it’s also the contracts

  • Wrestling-Geek

    TNA trying to get the attention AGAIN

  • Adam

    If what TNA is saying is correct, WWE are in trouble.

  • C.I.T.M

    Well there goes any chance of TNA & WWE having a good relationship

  • Rg41982

    Where’s the proof sounds like he say she say crap. I’m sure that plenty of wrestlers when they jump ship let out vital information.

  • Adam

    There is proof – WWE have this information written down, and offer Flair a superior contract which they wouldn’t have if they didn’t know what he was getting. TNA only went ahead with the lawsuit after WWE made a play for Flair.

  • andrew

    roh roh kill steen kill

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