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TNA Impact Viewership Increase, Sting vs. Bobby Roode PPV News

– TNA’s next monthly “Unfinished Business” pay-per-view will feature the Sting vs. Bobby Roode feud from earlier this year. “TNA Unfinished Business: Sting vs. Roode” premieres Saturday, November 3, according to InDemand.

– The September 13th & 20th episode of TNA Impact each added around 110,000 viewers through DVR views. For September 13, the increase was nine percent from the live & same-day audience of 1.22 million viewers. For September 20, the increase was eight percent from the original audience of 1.34 million viewers.

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  • WrestlingHarold

    Why TNA is viewer ship is going up is because WWE has become stale and to sesame street pg. With Barny man Cena and having a world title that makes no sense since they conbined both brands. If WWE wants to make sense it’s time for them to revive WCW as there Friday night show and truly divid the show instead of brands have companies.

  • Brent

    OR more people just left their TVs on while they were out this week, because i just dont believe people watch impact.
    @Harold: people can’t really say WWE will ruin the WCW name/legacy, because they did that themselves before they went out of business, so i agree with you.

  • 2o3caras

    Why is it ALL WWE FAULT I MEAN SHIT IF A G’DAMN WHITE SHARK @ A GOLDFISH WILL THAT BE WWE’S FAULT yes wwe product sucks but @ times so does tna’s

  • WrestlingHarold

    Wrestling world problems: WWE thinks thier starts should be actors and entertain the audience such as John ” Barney” Cena from PBS Tv. Vince McMachon is more worried a out his UGLY ass wife becoming Senator than his buisness. Vince should realize this is the same goverment that wants him out of business. WAKE UP VINCE!!!!!!! Stop with your wifes political crap and this sesame street”PG” Programing. Jonh “Barney” didn’t make the WWE what it is. The Attitude Era did with stars like Stone cold and Rock to name a couple.
    So to WWE needs to dump PG and go back to the dance. Kids didn’t make Wwe!!!!!.

    TNA: Needs to stop reliving the past.

  • WrestlingHarold

    TNA: Bishoff needs to stop reliving the WCW days with the NWO crap. Now TNA has it right with it product the male viewers. With a more adult drivin programing. All they need to is make good story lines and them going….

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