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TNA Impact Wrestling Rating from Thursday’s Show

– The November 1st episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 0.97 cable rating with 1.12 million viewers.

This rating is even with the previous week’s episode but viewers were up just a bit.

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  • harshbaid

    wwe main event pulls more ratiings,than impact,,,, .tna fans u mad bro??

  • Vince mcmahon

    hey tna fans u mad bro ?

  • The Boy

    ^it could have ten viewers and i still would watch it.

  • Adam

    I dont judge the quality of a show or whether I like it or not based on the amount of viewers, and anyone who does shouldnt be so scared of being themselves. Im also not so stupid and arrogant to think that my likes and dislikes are or should be the arbiter of taste for everyone else too.
    Most of the time I prefer TNA to WWE, but for exactly the same reason I prefer TNA, other people prefer WWE. I dont like WWE being so over the top, I like TNA that it is a bit more real and relatable. For the same reason I like John Cena,

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