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TNA Nixes Horrible Match, Christian at HOF or Not?, Hogan Hitting Media Next Week

– Hulk Hogan will be making the rounds next week to promote TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. He will have interviews on and before doing interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday he will be on The Howard Stern Show, NBC’s The Today Show, Hannity on FOX and Piers Morgan on CNN. On Wednesday, Hogan will be on Imus In the Morning, VH1’s Morning Buzz and Headline News Showbiz Tonight.

– Several sources in TNA note that WWE Superstar Christian is not scheduled to appear at the TNA Hall of Fame next weekend.

– TNA has apparently dropped the idea of doing Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Hogan at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view. One match possible for the card is Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Brody Lawrence

    Poor Madison. I’m sorry she won’t be at BFG but how dare they even consider doing such a hideous thing to her. Thank God SOMEONE in TNA finally had 1/2 a brain to stand up to the Huckster and tell him he was full of shit. Brooke Huckster has no business in TNA much less in their ring. To borrow a phrase from Empire Strikes Back: Hogans. We don’t need their scum.

    As for Christian fuck him too! TNA is the only company that ever treated him like the main-eventer & champion he always thought he was and all the ingrateful creepy little bastard has ever done is trash them. HHH of all people had to strong arm him into going to Slammiversary to fulfill the deal that sent Ric Flair to the WM 28 Hall of Fame. You could tell he didn’t even want to be there after all they did for that ingrate. Sting’s lifelong friend Lex Luger was a much better & more logical choice to induct him into their Hall of Fame.

  • Mick

    ^Where are you getting that Christian talk? That’s describing a character that’s not Christian at all, and I’m appalled to have read such bullshit. Christian probably didn’t want to do Slammiversary because he figured WWE won’t treat him too kindly…again. He thought for his WWE future, can you blame him? Also, Hall of Fame, Christian has been confirmed to have gotten surgery during his time off from WWE. So don’t you think Christian or TNA thought that the idea of him coming to their ceremony in a sling isn’t really cool, and thus iced plans?

    I feel enraged to have read your statement on Christian, as I admit wholeheartedly that I’m a Christian mark. He’s my favorite wrestler out of all others today, and with that, comes a pretty good idea of the man’s character. When he left TNA, he left for monetary reasons, that’s it. From what I read, he liked to stay in TNA, but the money wasn’t good enough. He’s a professional anyways, and has a family to support, so he left TNA to do WWE.

  • Mick

    Oh and shit on HHH having to strong arm Christian? I never read of anything like that. So you use a possibly bullshit news report (after all, most wrestling news is bullshit), to make a point in proving Christian’s an “ingrate.” Good work buddy…

  • troll

    they were never going to do brooke vs madison. this is just wrestling observer trying to save face because they reported something that wasnt true.

  • Brody Lawrence said at the time that HHH had to strong arm Christian into going to Slammiversary to fulfill WWE’s deal with TNA that also sent Ric Flair to WM 28 to be inducted into the HOF with the other 4 Horsemen. Reports came from TNA & WWE that Christian didn’t want to go. I’ll believe them over some Christian loving fanboy. I guess you also missed that Cutting Edge segment where Christian said that he’d never been a world champion “yet.” So yes Christian is a creepy little bastard AND an ingrate.

  • Brody Lawrence

    Hey Mick Prick, here’s the full story copied & pasted from 2 different sources. Sorry to spoil your heightened opinion of that creepy little ingrate.

    Report on Christian’s appearance at Slammiversary
    » Reported by Adam Martin of
    » On June 16, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE star Christian was described as being “nice to everyone backstage” at last Sunday’s TNA Slammiversary PPV in Arlington (a deal made between WWE and TNA in exchange for the use of Ric Flair at the 2012 Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania 28). However, Christian reportedly told WWE officials back in March that he wanted no part of it. Triple H was described as being insistent that Christian agree to appear so they wouldn’t lose Flair for the Hall of Fame. Christian was initially only told he would only be going to the event to take part in interviews for upcoming TNA DVD releases

  • Mick

    What is Wrestleview? And Dave Meltzer is not a credible journalist anymore in my opinion. Keep quoting internet wrestling news report to prove me wrong, I haven’t. I don’t need to.

  • Brody Lawrence

    “What is wrestleview?” Who are you? Dave Meltzer isn’t a credible journalist? And you are? What do you have to counter that story other than your own biased, half-assed opinions? Like I said, I’ll believe them over some Christian peep smark. If you don’t believe what you read on wrestling sites then why do you go on them in the first place? Answer THAT one smart ass.

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