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TNA Offers Free No Surrender Tickets

TNA is running a local food drive in St. Louis for free tickets to Thursday’s No Surrender episode of Impact Wrestling. The food drive will benefit the St. Louis Food Bank.

TNA Canned Food Poster

If you live in the St. Louis area, and are interested in free tickets to the event, or simply want to help out, bring five non-perishable food items to Slumberland Furniture at 4265 Rusty Road in St. Louis and you will receive a free ticket to the show.

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  • Aaron

    Food drives are a great benefit but, this is TNA’s front to fill some seats!

  • Tsall13

    Great way to help people out that need it but seat fillers won’t help keep you’re company running… might as well just slap a for sale sign on you’re promo posters while you’re at it and just give up…

    • Damian Starr

      would you rather have an empty arena with little atmosphere or loose a couple hundred bucks?

      • Tsall13

        Can’t guarantee that those people will even stay or create enough of a wrestling atmosphere if the tickets are being giving away… if they want to succeed they need to strip Carter of any and all creative input… fire the leeches that killed WCW… and allow their talent to succeed on their own not count on past WWE guys to carry ticket sales and ppv buys cause none of them have helped yet… ooo yea and don’t hire useless MMA guys to wrestle cause that’s a joke on its own!! Money well spent Dixie good job!! If they put the strap on Styles at BFG the company will die it’s almost a guarantee cause that means their working backwards instead of looking to the future…

  • james clinton

    Hope they do this for BfG.
    I didn’t get to see summerslam due to work so this is the… well, its something at least right?
    Actually, hopefully TNA doesn’t go bankrupt before BFG with how bad things are going.

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