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TNA Rejects Mike Graham’s Job Request, Christian York On “Gut Check”

– Two months before committing suicide in Daytona Beach, Florida on Oct. 18 from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the forehead, Mike Graham went to Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, Florida, while TNA Wrestling was holding a live Impact Wrestling show to request a job on their creative writing staff. He was instantly rejected by company officials.

Graham’s reaction was described as being “shocked” to be turned down, since his father, Eddie Graham, an influential Florida wrestling promoter, told him he would be hired for any job in wrestling by virtue of his rich family heritage.

– As announced on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, 35-year-old journeyman wrestler Christian York will compete on “Gut Check” on next week’s show. He competed on the promotion’s inaugural pay-per-view event in 2002, teaming with Joey Mathews against Bo Dupp and Stan Dupp, but was unable to secure a full-time position with the organization, nor WWE. Now after 16 years in wrestling, he feels this is his last chance to make it in the big time.

– TNA Wrestling is holding a live event tonight in Poplar Bluff, Missouri at Black River Coliseum. Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode headline.


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  • Mark

    No disrespect to Mike Graham but did he really expect TNA to let him into a show (let alone give him a job) after he gave Jeff Jarrett a HUGE verbal bashing on the ‘Rise and fall of WCW’ DVD?

    “Jeff Jarrett really believed in his stupid little Tennessee brain, that he was a star”

    “Hi Dixie and Jeff, can I have a job?”

    Seriously, Mike…

  • SDotC

    Way to go TNA, you killed a wrestling legend…..’s son. Lol. Nah but seriously, you’ve gotta be pretty low to get denied by TNA. But then again you’ve got to be pretty low to ask them for a job after the aforementioned pwning of J-E-Double-F J-A-Double-R-E-Double-T, however true it was (100% true).

    I do wonder– did he commit suicide to fit into the pattern of his family (like Kerry Von Erich) or was his life just that sad? I’d believe either

  • Mick

    Lets hope nobody here uses TNA as a scapegoat, because their rejection had nothing to do with Graham’s death. Besides, Jarrett barely has any say in TNA, so would a past statement on the guy really factor into him getting employed by TNA? Whatever the case, there was a report where his wife stated that Graham had been pretty depressed since his own son committed suicide 2 years ago. So maybe that finally got to him. It’s scary that a pattern is evident in the Graham family. Is suicide their hereditary cause of death?

  • Mick, getting rejected could’ve given him a bad self esteem which could’ve led to the suicide. Either way, it is funny how TNA rejects everyone but keeps the green goose Garrett Bischoff around.

    Feelings go out to the Graham family.

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