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TNA Star Gets a New Look, September’s Superstar Spotlight, TNA Podcast

– Below is TNA’s latest installment of their Impact Wrestling Podcast:

– Rob Terry has been paired up with Lei’d Tapa in TNA’s Developmental territory, OVW. The team is going by the name, “High School Detention.” You can check out Rob’s new gothic look below.

Rob Terry as High School Detention

– Samoa Joe is’s Superstar Spotlight for September. You can check out the feature here.

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  • james clinton

    Poor Rob. I remember him seeming like he was getting a push a few months ago… and then nothing.

    God is TNA creative a mess. I don’t even know whats going on in BFG either except that AJ is gonna win.
    And the whole abyss storyline seems to have fizzled.

    • Damian Starr

      Abyss storyline was there to make people forget about the TV title basically whilst they quietly retired it. as for the BFG it really isn’t that hard, i mean there is only 4 people left in it… if you can’t keep track of four wrestlers in two matches you probably shouldn’t be watching wrestling

      • james clinton

        Oh nah, I get that aspect of this years BFG and its pretty clear AJ is taking the gold so I’m not too interested in it at this point (in terms of suspense, I’m excited aj will finally be whc again). I’m talking about the rest of this years tourney. It was a complete mess and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even do like half the matches we were supposed to get.
        You make a fantastic point about the TV title, I had completely forgotten about it!
        Wasn’t it supposed to be defended every week or something like that?

        • Damian Starr

          They took it out as they couldn’t find time every week for it

  • Damian Starr

    anyone notice there is a WWE sticker on her file? Hmmm hopefully TNA will get you going into a good storyline soonish but with the retirement of the TV title they don’t really know what to do with you.

  • Macho Man


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