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TNA Star Goes Against the Script?, BFG Reaction, Tonight’s Impact, Dixie Carter

– TNA President Dixie Carter filmed an episode of TNA’s UK reality show this week.

– Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling will feature the fallout from Bound For Glory with Aces & 8s, a Jeff Hardy World Heavyweight Title celebration and more.

– TNA officials were pleased with the way everything went down at Bound For Glory last Sunday.

– For what it’s worth, the Austin Aries interview from last Thursday’s Impact Wrestling was completely different than what was scripted. It was supposed to be a heel turn with Aries giving Hardy a low blow and a brainbuster.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • zip

    But it WAS a heel turn with Aries giving Hardy a low blow and a brainbuster you morons.

  • harold

    i dont see why tna gave jeff the belt austin was a great champ and good guy i still dvr you now tna cuz i watch last resort at 7 sorry and keep ace of 8 story going it be nice to be see them in lock down tna vr ace of 8 in steal cage can you say nice

  • Rg41982

    I like Austin as champ as well but I think Jeff contract is up in feb and they want to keep him around. I’m interested in seeing how this feud plays out.

  • Chelsii.

    The fact they gave that no good crack junkie the belt over Aries is just how worthless this indie promotion is.

  • Z…..

    i dont understand what they are saying was supposed to be different. thats exactly what aries did last week. Hes been a tweener, leaning more towards heel, the entire time hes been back in the company. people just cheer him b/c we all know how awesome he is. There was a time in tna where nobody cared about heels or faces. it was just crowd reaction and people have always cheered the guys they respect the most

  • Nope

    The only worthless thing around this site is you Chelsii.

  • Kerwin White is a sex tape

    Chelsii…for fuck’s sake, if you hate TNA and don’t watch the show, why the fuck do you click on the news items in the TNA SECTION???
    That’s like going to hang out at someone’s house every day just to tell them you don’t like them.
    Please get the fuck out of here.

  • Brody Lawrence

    Yeah like most of you said here, that’s exactly what Aries did. How did he completely go against the script? By bringing the script out with him? someone’s confused here and it isn’t us.

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    I think it is more that he went off ranting about how Jeff gets whatever he wants, and he has the strap because his contract is up soon, not because he had the best match on the card every month for the last however long (or ever for that matter…)

    I think it was A Double getting it off his chest, he became ‘the man’ in TNA just 2 months ago, and looked good, all of a sudden they want Jeff at the top and take a big shit on Aries, I’d be pissed too…

    His ‘heel turn’ happened as did the aftermath, but I think he went about it a different way than what was supposed to happen, if he gets buried in the coming months we’ll know this was true, if his push continues, maybe not!

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