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TNA Star Wants to FIGHT The Miz, Cena Causing Stress Backstage, Summer as Referee

– WWE NXT Diva Summer Rae worked as a referee at last night’s NXT live event in Largo, Florida. Here is a photo of her in her referee gear:

summer rae referee

– TNA star Chavo Guerrero says WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz was recently talking trash about him. Chavo is looking for a fight the next time he sees Miz. Chavo tweeted:

“Just found out that the biggest pu$$& in the biz @mikethemiz was talking smack about me. I am going to destroy u next time I see u.”

– A WWE creative source notes that the John Cena injury and his status for Hell In a Cell being unknown has caused a lot of stress backstage.

Partial source:

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  • me

    What did Miz say that was so bad about Chavo?

  • harshbaid

    Chavo should Get a life ..the miz is 10 times the star then chavo ever was..chavo is just doing this to get some attention cause he is irrelavent in the busniess

  • Muscleman

    I think Chavo is a fantastic wrestler. There is absolutely no doubt about that. But the reason why he has not been able to reach the heights set by his late uncle Eddie, despite the two having grown up and trained together, is because Chavo has near-zero charisma and mic skills almost as poor as Khali’s. Miz, on the other hand, is an average wrestler but is well above average in terms of charisma and mic skills; which means that I’d pick Miz over Chavo any day.

  • Mason

    I can’t stand the Miz but at least he amounted to something at some point in his career. Chavo’s a much of a joke as Matt Hardy and Kenny Dystra.

  • Well, unlike Miz, Chavo can wrestle.

  • SDotC

    WTF do you see in Miz’s “mic skills”, people? It reminds me 100% of some mark cutting promos in his backyard, emulating EXACTLY what he saw on TV, and then that mark happens to get signed with WWE and uses that same “technique”. NOTHING stands out about him on the mic. He’s annoying as shit, and not in a heel way, in a “I’m ripping off The Rock, Jericho and several others from the Attitude Era because I never watched Bruno vs Graham or any of that stuff” kind of way.

    FUCK THE MIZ, his stupid catchphrase, and his awful wrestling. MIZ SUCKS!

  • Matt

    Funny that Chavo won’t substantiate his claims with whatever Miz supposedly said about him. And like Chavo has never talked shit about anybody.

  • Kayfabe fan

    Looks like ee got a badass over here

  • mossy

    WWE copying TNA with female ref!

  • Fuck Off

    Yes, it is clearly all Cena’s fault that he had to hae surgery. It has nothing to do with him not having any time off in three years.

  • Z…..

    wish we could get this on video. CHavo would whoop that annoying (not even in a heel way, I just dont like him) piece of garbage. miz is terrible in the ring. his finisher is up there with dumbest finisher ever. it looks like a poor attempt at copying “the stroke”

  • Kevin

    When did Miz insult Chavo?

  • 889


  • G

    Miz is what the wwe is today, charisma over skill in the ring. This is how wwe has evolved and its not good.
    I’d pick Chavo over Miz any day, I want to be entertained by watching a 5 star wrestling match not someone talking about awesome he is on the mic.

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