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TNA Very High on Former WWE Star, Knockout Wins Title, Kid Kash

– TNA star Kid Kash is now working at developmental territory OVW. He made his debut at last night’s tapings, defeating Elvis Pridemoore.

– Also at last night’s tapings, TNA Knockouts referee Taryn Terrell defeated Heidi Lovelace to become the new OVW Women’s Champion. We noted before that Taryn would be spending more time down at OVW.

– TNA officials are very high on Aces & 8s member Doc, formerly known as Luke Gallows. They feel that he was terribly underutilized by WWE.

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  • Lisa

    TNA officials high on Doc? The man formerly known as Luke Gallows? The former SES member and disciple of CM Punk? Hahahahahahaha. You’ve got to be kidding. What does that fool have to offer?

  • Mick

    The funny thing is when Gallows debuted in TNA, Tenay said that he knew the guy. He said he was an enforcer for some of the biggest names in the wrestling business. Of course Tenay wouldn’t be specific since it’s different sides. Regardless, he should’ve said that Doc was an enforcer for ONE of the biggest names in the wrestling business, because that would be true. He was enforcer for CM Punk, nobody else if I’m not mistaken.

    I got off tangent, anyways, good for Doc.

  • Lisa’s sexually abusive dad

    lisa doesnt like anyone associated with punk cause im such a big fan…..just so that all of you know

  • Opie

    Lisa’s sexually abusive dad LMAO

  • Y2J

    I like him, but what kind of name is Doc? Really?

  • EC

    TNA, Gallows WAS underutilized. And Lisa, NOBODY CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK!

  • havok

    @Y2J….DOC IS Director of Chaos

  • Y2J

    @Havok ok, I didn’t know that. Kind of cool.

  • Adam

    Most WWE wrestlers are criminally under used, as the fail to play the politics correctly. TNA doesnt have the politics, and people enjoy working for TNA more, which is why people will continue to leave WWE for Japan, Indies or TNA, as many feel enjoying their wrestling is more important than the bigger paycheck.

  • Richie

    Lisa…Doc has a lot more to offer than that lame excuse of a wrestler known as John Cena…or as i like to call him…Yawn Cena…cuz thats all i do when he is on…yawn lol!

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Has there ever been a time when TNA hasnt been high??? ……….. on former WWE talents that is!

  • Mayback

    @Richie Funny enough a lot of the people in those places you mentioned want that big paycheck in wwe and they don’t leave for Japan,Indy and Tna as you mentioned,They Get Future Endevored

  • Mayback

    Am sorry my previous comment was meant for @Adam, Richie am sure Doc would have been the highest merchandise seller in wwe,Infact he is gonna be the one to make TNA bring down WWE

  • Hawkins

    am i the only one waiting for Austin Aries to pass Luke Gallows in the locker room with a carrot in his hand and say “What’s Up Doc?” just randomly? lololol

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