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TNA’s Fake Twitter Followers, Backstage News on Aces & 8s Storyline, More

– Don’t expect to see Mickie James, Gail Kim, Eric young, Chavo Guerrero and Mr. Anderson on this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. They are booked the same night for a TNA live event in Salem, Virginia.

– For those who didn’t know, several brands purchase some of their Twitter followers. This gives the impression that they are more popular than they really are and serves as a form of advertising. Someone recently did an audit of TNA’s Twitter followers and found that of their 189,000 followers, only 27,639 of them are real and the rest are fake, in the sense that they went and purchased them.

– TNA is still developing the Aces & 8s storyline but it’s said that odds are less than 50% that Jeff Jarrett will end up being the leader. Jarrett is currently only working big shows for AAA in Mexico. He left his TNA duties to focus on Ring Ka King and the proposed Speed Channel project but since nothing has happened with either of those, it’s probably time for him to return soon.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Kayfabe fan


  • Bad News Bro

    Despite my appreciation for their talent, normally, I jump at the chance to ridicule TNA management for their ridiculous attempts to sound more significant then they actually are. But, even I must admit that I find this one a bit hard to swallow.

    It’s not because I find a situation like this one to be out of character for them, but just by how vague this claim is. Who would this “someone” be, and what is there to prove that all of these accounts are indeed hoaxes? If a Twitter user doesn’t post anything, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not real. It’s not hard for me to believe that there are people who have little interest in social media, however, still create accounts solely so that they can follow the people that they’re interested in and to receive news and updates regarding the products that they’re fans of. Fuck, there are people who make fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter only so that they can troll people.

    Again, I wouldn’t put it past them as TNA (management, I must emphasize) constantly attempts to make themselves sound like a threat, and I do know that this method is actually a common practice in all of entertainment. Having followed the music scene since I was 13 and having witnessed the progression of social media since then, I’ve seen many bands resort to buying “friend adders” for all sorts of sites solely so that they can enhance their image and create the illusion that they can draw better than they actually can at shows. Thus, getting them booked by promoters on bigger shows that they have no business being on.

    Regardless of personal opinion, you need to take shit like this with a grain of salt until some sort of actual evidence is put forth. The expression isn’t “Guilty until proven innocent” for a reason.

  • Muscleman

    TNA buying Twitter followers shows how shallow-minded Dixie Carter, Hogan and Bitch-off are. Then again, maybe they were embarassed by the fact that their Twitter account couldnt attract as few as 30,000 fans. Even Hornswoggle has far more than that.

  • Real Kosher

    I get this big feeling that this aces & 8s storyline is gonna completely bomb in the end…just like that stupid ass clare lynch story they did

  • brent989

    Lmfao tna really hahahahaha

  • Adam

    The Rock buys followers if I remember correctly. Its pretty cheap too and really widespread. No different to purchasing other forms of advertisement.

  • Adam

    With Aces and Eights, Jarrett should end up being one of the lower guys in the gang, with his character desperate to gain recognition again.

  • GunShark

    Does it really make a whole lot of sense to run a house show on the same night as the broadcast? I maybe could understand if the broadcast was pre-taped, and spoilers were out, but this is a live show. Wouldn’t you want as many eyes as possible tuning in to your show? It would be what, maybe 500 more people, tops, watching the show, but that is still better than 500 less people watching. I seriously wonder about the competence ofTNA management.

  • Parkour King

    I’m not a fan of tna but come onqetr][oisdfhl#’;lf\zxcv 2sz 2

  • Adam

    Buying twitter followers is cheap to do, and increases the amount of real people who see your twitter feed, which increases the amount of people who buy/use/watch your product. TNA are definitely not the only company who does it, and would be stupid to ignore this cheap and effective method of advertising.

  • Heisenberg

    27,639 – TNA roster – family members – former TNA talents – former family members = ???

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