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Top Superstar Removed From Royal Rumble, Tommy Dreamer’s WWE Status

Wyatt Family
– The WWE has removed Mark Henry’s name from the official list of Royal Rumble entrants. As of now, there’s no reason and Henry was the only person scratched from the list.

– Tommy Dreamer is advertised for two live events during the Royal Rumble weekend. He noted on Twitter that the West Virginia and Ohio shows were his “last 2 WWE shows.” Lately, Dreamer has teamed up with the Dudley Boyz as they battle the Wyatt Family.

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  • Shane McMahon

    honestly didn’t even see Mark Henry’s name on the WWE site . This bs list of entrants on the dirtsheets is false..go by the real official site .

    • Barooq #NewNation


    • Drama Mustafa #NewNation


  • Philip Hollett

    To be honest, they could make the Royal Rumble a 3 man battle royale and it would be just as important, because only Brock, HHH and Roman matter in WWE atm. Everyone else is just filler.

    • siddus

      You’re thinking only about the finish. The rumble can be the catalyst for a whole load of new stories heading into mania.

      • Philip Hollett

        Can be, won’t be.

  • Bignic

    So I guess there now 30 guys in the rumble lol.

    • Fat Owens Fat


  • Fat Owens Fat

    Told ya.

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