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Top WWE Star Blasts Vince In His Face Backstage, Major NBC Pressure and More

– As we have noted, Vince McMahon was upset at last night’s RAW and told the writers that he needs results now or he needs resignations. The scene was described as frightening in terms of Vince’s tone and demeanor. Besides pressure from NBC Universal to fix the ratings, it’s said that last week’s 2.5 rating was a big slap in the face to Vince after a number of top talents voiced their concern to him.

A number of top talents have reportedly gone to Vince in recent weeks to complain about how the writing is bad and change is needed. At last week’s RAW, Vince was in a bad mood after having a back-and-forth with one of the top talents in front of other people.

We have not been able to confirm who the top talent was but they basically told Vince in front of other people that the WWE writing sucks, that Vince is doing whatever he wants and that WWE is going off a cliff without anything being done about it. The talent then told Vince that he needs to listen to everyone else because he doesn’t have his finger on WWE’s pulse anymore, basically telling Vince that he’s out of touch. The talent told Vince that when WWE goes to “hell in a handbasket” then it will be all Vince’s fault.

Apparently several other people got through to Vince during the week and these factors played a big part in the changes made at RAW last night. As noted, expect to hear about more changes in the next few weeks.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Chris

    hmmmmm…. it cant be John Cena he seems to scared
    Randy Orton or Cm Punk

  • jayman

    Its prob big show cuz he has an iron clad contract lol

  • Tom

    So let me get this straight. You dont know who said anything, but you do know it happened? Come back when you have some facts.

  • rob

    Misleading fucking title

  • why would he have to hear it from other people wouldn’t he know that the product sucks?

  • Jarryn

    How is it misle…oh, you mean how these dirt sheets constantly post vague titles like this and force you to click the link to find out who its about?

    Turns out these morons didn’t know either…

  • Erwin

    sounds like Punk to me, I mean there are only 3 people in good enough positions to do that to Vince and still employed. Cena is Vince’s dog, Orton’s too much of a pussy.

    If it was up to Punk we would’ve been back to attitude era already. I just can’t wait to see how Vince would react once his senile wife inevitably lose the election. I’m now more interested to see Linda’s lost rather than Obama’s victory.

  • Dro

    If this is true, I think it may be Big Show or Kane.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    It had to be a ‘top top’ guy or one of the grizzled vets – in other words, someone whose place is so secure with the company that they could get away with murder and/or someone who’s simply too old to give a damn anymore.

    I don’t think it was Big Show. And Kane’s always been a company guy, as has John Cena. Although John Cena would be the one most likely to get away with chewing Vince’s face off in front of the locker room. I get the feeling it was Orton. Orton’s always been a bit of a pet of the McMahons, for better or worse, but he’s already come on record as not being happy with how he’s been booked recently (which may partially explain his lack of TV time) because he wants to be a heel, thinks he’s better as a heel (I agree) and WWE won’t let him turn.

    As much as this sounds like a Punk thing to do, I just don’t think it was Punk.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Ironically, though, this news comes out after what I thought was one of the best RAW shows in several months. There were a couple of really good matches (Cesaro was impressive again) and that Punk/McMahon brawl almost took me back to ’99. Almost. Whether you like Vince or not, I think there’s something admirable about the fact that he’s a 67-year-old multimillionaire and willing to let himself get whacked with kendo sticks and launch himself over announce tables if it’ll get just a few more people to watch his show.

  • Mayback


  • Chris

    But the Undertaker is at home taking care of his new born

  • Mayback


  • Chris


  • Jay

    Part of me believes it could be Cena for some reason because to talk like that to Vince in front of other people, you have to have some balls. Either him or Punk, but part of me hopes it was some how Sheamus.

  • later marks

    Bet it was Ziggler, Punk, or Orton in that order in terms of most likely

  • Z…..

    too lazy to read the comments at this moment so if anyone else said it, my bad.

    Still…FINALLY SOMEONE DID THAT! FINALLY THINGS MIGHT CHANGE. I wss saying something similar a couple of weeks back (might have been months. I cant remember). I didnt go as far in pointing the blame in Vince’s direction, but the message was pretty similar. If something isnt done, there wont be much in the next few years

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @later marks Not Ziggler. His position with the company’s too tenuous. He’s right on the cusp of being one of WWE’s top stars, but he’s not there yet. Ergo, he’d have too much to lose by going after Vince. It’s one thing to complain about the way one’s being booked personally – it’s something completely different to take the boss to task over the direction of his company.

  • NickNack

    CM Punk vs. McMahon family [If Shane comes back..] storyline… I would like to see this~

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