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Top WWE Star Getting Pushed Big Time, Angle for Maddox vs. Ryback on RAW

– It sounds like WWE will be publishing some workout tips from Brad Maddox as he prepares to face Ryback on Monday’s RAW. Maddox tweeted this weekend:

“If you want to see what the daily routine that leads to beating @Ryback22 on Raw looks like then stay tuned on”

“@Ryback22 needs to find a diet thats suitable for him. I think he’s carb depleted. I know that always makes me grumpy”

– Randy Orton is reportedly in line for a big push within the next 6 months or so. The idea is to build him back up over the next few months.

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  • Opie

    That’s an Awesome Idea by The Second City Saints Punk & Cabana

  • Mick

    Being that this is the internet, my opinion will be very much in the minority, but I agree with Orton getting a push. While the suspension really cast a lot of doubt over relying on him to be a top star, my (possibly unrealistic) hope is for that to be his last mistake. After all, he wasn’t having a great year leading up to the suspension. Cena and Orton both have had year plus droughts, not being world champions in so long. The difference is Cena still is a certified main eventer, while Orton’s worked on the midcard more. So there’s more of a desire for Orton to challenge for the world title, rather than Cena.

  • Mark Black

    WWE is retarded I swear that’s why I barely watch WWE shows these days because those retards are always pushing the wrong people. Why does Orton need another push? Isn’t obvious now that he sucks as a babyface? Cena sucks too but at least Cena is charismatic and not robotic like Orton. Turn Orton heel and make him the top heel on Smackdown.

  • Kevin

    I hope they don’t push Orton. he is been world champ too much, give someone else a chance.

  • Opie

    Gee, Why does WWE keep pushing the same guys over and over again Cena & Orton, Cena & Orton There are a lot of guys that deserve to be pushed like Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler

  • Chelsii.

    Not even Stone Cold Steve Austin was involved in every title picture and he was the face of the company for 4 years. Take notes Lisa you (Cena) cocksucker.

  • WeWantChristian

    Cena and Orton haven’t won a title in year which is good. But that still dosen’t mean they deserve more title runs. Let others get their chance instead of Cena and Orton winning 50 World titles before they retire.If they keep relying on Cena and Orton the company will go nowhere.

  • rob

    Fucking fire that drug addict Orton…..

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @rob: I’m sure they would if they believed Orton to be replaceable. Right now, though, he’s not. Since they haven’t bothered to push any other faces that can get over with the casual crowd, they don’t have any roster depth.

    It’s funny how companies with nothing to lose like to take risks, and then when they finally ‘arrive’, they pull back on the throttle. There were a lot of things in the Attitude Era and the immediate post-AE (up to when WWE went fully PG) that didn’t work – The Corporate Ministry, The Invasion, Katie Vick…

    Oh, god, ESPECIALLY Katie Vick.

    But a good portion of the risks that they took (allowing a bland, universally hated babyface by the name of Rocky Maivia to turn heel and cut a promo or a hundred) worked REALLY WELL. If WWE didn’t do something at that point, WCW might have bought out WWF/E instead of the other way around. The company itself was at stake, so they let the choke out and went balls to the wall.

    But now that WWE’s ruled the pro wrestling world for 10 years, they’ve turned into a bunch of fat cats who won’t risk a small bit of money in order to make a lot more. You don’t see much experimenting with guys and their gimmicks once you get past developmental – which is why I feel sorry for guys like Zack Ryder and Ricardo Rodriguez, who have a lot of potential but will likely never be able to shake the ‘joke character’ label. Johnny Curtis might have grown into the next icon of the business. I’m not saying it’s LIKELY, but it sure as hell isn’t impossible. But with a ring gimmick like “Fandango” – how far do you honestly think he’s ever gonna get?


    Orton Does Not Need Another Push He Needs Another Heel Run…Give It To Christian What Hes Only Had One

  • joe

    they keep pushing cena & orton cuz there are no other breakout stars. both are stale as fuck both are overexposed as fuck and neither one i give a fuck about! i dont like ziggler but give him a chance, punk is a great heel & should keep the belt. he should be headlining wm not cena/rock part 2! enough with cena. turning him heel will just make him more annoying as hell! his promos are so cheesy & pathetic. sick of him suckin up to the crowd week in week out. cena keep your suckin to mcmahon’s grapefruits cuz thats the only way your 3 moves of death keep getting a damn push


  • FreshCorn

    i was hoping it’d be Bryan..seriously WWE needs 2 start making new stars and Orton’s already had his time

  • stone cold hates lisa.

    i hear voices in mine head there telling to turn fucking heel they talk to me

  • Adam

    Orton only has a limited following, which is pretty much “traditional” wrestling fans who hate Cena. Orton has to be the most boring wrestler in a very long time, he is just as limited in the ring as he is on the mic. Ziggler is infinitely more talented and should be the one who replaces Cena as the face of the company.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Adam In a perfect world, that would be the case, but Ziggler’s got ‘career heel’ written all over him, and WWE’s rather insistent that their ‘face of the company’ remain… well… a face.

  • Rybor Laserrback

    Honestly some people on here are just being stupid. Orton is over and an established star, if they keep him irrelevant for such a long, they will destroy something they made themselves, and at this point they need all the top stars they can get. Yes i agree he needs a heel push, and personally i think thats what it will be. I mean recent rumors call for feuds with Ryback and Sheamus, most chances are he’ll be feuding with them as a heel. WWE can’t be so stupid that they don’t realize how stale his face run has gotten.

  • Lisa Sucks Dick

    So funny listening to people complain about Orton getting a push, but then again what else can you expect from the IWC? The guy has been on the back burner for like 2 years, and all he did during that time was put people over and help new talent. If Orton is in line for another big push I would have no problem with it. At least Orton does step down and put people over now and again, unlike Cena. The reason why WWE keeps shoving down Orton,Punk, Cena, Sheamus down out throats is because they are the only ones that draw.

  • Lisa Sucks Dick

    @rob i didn’t no smoking weed was so bad. Last time i checked it was legal in some states and many countries.

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