Triple H Attacks The Miz, Morrison vs. Alba Video, Today’s WWE Superstars, More

- Below is footage of former WWE star John Morrison wrestling actress Jessica Alba during a YouTube commercial shoot the other day in Los Angeles:

- WWE held their first-ever show in Moscow, Russia yesterday. Triple H was advertised and made a run-in after United States Champion Santino Marella defeated The Miz. Triple H came out and hit Miz with a Pedigree. Chris Jericho did not work the show because he was in Los Angeles hosting the Revolver Magazine Golden Gods Awards.

Several other WWE talents haven’t joined the overseas tours yet but will be flying out for the TV tapings on next Monday and Tuesday in London.

- Matches for today’s WWE Superstars include Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson, Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Hawkins and Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella.

  • Sirien Munthe

    If he did this when he was in WWE. He would probably get a megapush.

  • ME

    Wow HHH really doesnt like the miz does he. this is the second time he has done this to miz.

  • brandon


    Miz is a heel…and it was a house show. What the hell do you expect?

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