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Triple H High on Two WWE Stars, Kristofferson’s Son, Punk Films Commercial, More

– WWE Champion CM Punk recently filmed a commercial for Combos snacks.

– Actor Kris Kristofferson’s son Jody is now working in WWE developmental under the name Garrett Dylan. He lost to Xavier Woods in a dark match at the August 9th NXT tapings.

– The 1000th RAW had 461,000 people or 11.7% of the total audience watching on DVR or tape delay, a higher number than usual.

– Triple H is pushing to get Michael McGillicutty re-packaged. Triple H is high on McGillicutty and Drew McIntyre as far as long-term potential goes.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Jimmy

    Triple H may be high on Drew McIntyre, but no one else in the company seems to be. He’s had more dirt shoveled on him than anyone in recent memory.

  • Chelsii.

    All because of that bitch Tiffany is why Drew is going nowhere.

  • Rg41982

    Rather henning get the push then drew. They really turned me off on drew.

  • peter

    i say give them a half year year to repackaged
    on nxt and let them return to tv at the royal rumble
    and let them be the last four in the match they don’t have to win it but just show how unpredictable it is
    because every faking year you have guys like orton cena, sheamus.

  • havok

    sheamus has been in 2 rumble matches calm down

  • The Original Jeff W.

    I really hope this is true. At the very least both of these guys could be great for the IC and US title scenes.

  • RCmaster305

    so NOW they want to push drew great your only 3 years late

  • Travis

    about fucking time

  • Mayback

    Finally!!! Hope not as a tag team

  • C.I.T.M

    The Rubber Duck’s son is gonna bd a wrassler

  • Rahul

    YES! Finally, Drew is gonna get what he deserves… soon!

  • Cee Jaih

    I guess dey juss realiz’d drew had talent


    They shouldn’t but if they do bring back the Chosen One gimmick, they should say have HHH or even AJ/some heel authority figure re-introduce him, say something like Vince & Johnny L screwed him over, then have him break out on his own or

    have a multi-man match for a title and have him be the dark horse.(doubt ppl will like those ideas)

  • Hasnan

    Chelsii, stop being a jealous loser.

    It wasn’t because of Tiffany. You have to listen to Diva Dirt’s interview with Tiffany about the incident. Tiffany and Drew were both drunk and going to their hotel or a party, when all of a sudden some man came in and tried to assault Drew, Tiffany attacked the man and then both Drew and Tiffany got arrested but Tiffany pled guilty so she was the one who got all the fault.

    WWE had to make a choice because of how their company is. They would either release Tiffany or Drew, but they went with Tiffany because she is a woman and for the long term potential.

    If anything, they should both be guilty of this.

  • Mindy


    Yeah, I agree with you. It’s completely stupid how diva fans are blaming Drew for Tiffany getting fired, and superstar fans blaming Tiffany for Drew being depushed, if anything, both should be equally blamed.

    But, I don’t believe that the hotel or was it a party(?) incident was the reason behind Drew getting depushed seeing as he was a main part of SmackDown in his storylines with Edge and Kelly Kelly, plus the elimination chamber match. I think the reason he got depushed is because RAW’s creative team didn’t know how to utilize him.

  • Mareen

    Wow, Chelsii, just wow.

    How is Tiffany a bitch when everyone who meets her says that she is as generous as possible? I guess I’ll have to quote the man you dislike so much, know your role and shut your mouth!

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