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Triple H Hypes MYC Finale Tonight, Jason Jordan On Roman Reigns, News On Brock Lesnar’s Schedule


Triple H tweeted to hype tonight’s Mae Young Classic finale.

Here is what he said:


Jason Jordan tweeted the following after going toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns last night on RAW:


Dave Meltzer reported on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Brock Lesnar will not be at next week’s RAW, which is the go-home show before No Mercy. Lesnar filmed some material last night which will air in place of his presence during next week’s broadcast. Apparently it was WWE’s call to use one of Lesnar’s dates last night as opposed to next week for whatever reason.

It was also noted that Lesnar is not being advertised for the post-No Mercy edition of RAW.

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  • Orbit Storm

    I would wager Lesnar’s current schedule suggests he will be dropping the title to Strowman at No Mercy. Rather predictable unfortunately.

    • Mike

      It’s not predictable at all. Most spoilers suggest he will retain. I honestly don’t know st this point. I wish I Knew strowman would win. I wouldn’t care if it was predictable. Strowman should be champion.

      • Orbit Storm

        Lesnar not appearing the night after No Mercy is a red flag to me. Only once during his runs as champion has he missed RAW the night after an event and that was related to travel issues.

        I’d be fine with Strowman being champion if they weren’t booking this as another obvious Goldberg-v-Lesnar bout. Strowman is a heel and a large portion of his popularity is because he’s knocked Reigns down the ladder a few rungs. Lesnar is certainly more over and if they were smart, they would continue building Strowman as a real heel and use the classic David and Goliath style — have Strowman bully and harass some little guys until Lesnar pops out and says to “try bullying” him (i.e. Lesnar vs Big Show in the stretcher match buildup). Easy money.

        Strowman absolutely deserves the belt but in due time.

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