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Triple H & Kurt Angle Have Secret Meeting

Triple H and Kurt Angle had a low profile meeting at the Arnold Sports Festival last weekend. The details of the conversation have been kept silent.

Angle’s TNA contract is done and he’s expressed taking a year off before making any decisions about wrestling.

As for a WWE return, Angle likely won’t be cleared to wrestle but there are plenty of other jobs available.

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  • Bonkerz

    HA! Secret indeed… no one will ever see it coming XD

  • Ziriak

    Angle vs Lesnar at WM32, then put him in the hall of fame next year. Simple.

    • KingBack

      And what about Ambrose?

      • Ziriak

        Attacks Kurt on Raw afterwards for stealing his match, setting up a feud with him or writing Kurt off TV.

        • KingBack

          So you want one of the hottest talents on the roster right now to miss Wrestlemania (which already lacks a lot of top talents) and completely ignorere a month of build-up just to have a broken down old man return? No offense but Kurt Angle isn’t nearly as good as he was 10-15 years ago.

          • Ziriak

            I wouldn’t have him miss mania. Though I don’t watch wwe much now so I’m not sure if it’s a hugely anticipated match. Can’t say I’ve seen much buzz about it online though.

          • KingBack

            It’s one of the main events..

          • Ziriak

            Ok I take it all back, sorry.

  • Lemmy Is God

    He also said he was gonna take time off in 2006 and he went right to tna

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