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Triple H & Stephanie McMahon React To Chyna’s Death

Like many, Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon reacted on Twitter about the sudden passing of Chyna at 45 years old. They tweeted,
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  • Darda Cook

    its so sad that the wwe trashed her for years but upon her death want to talk nice about her

    • siddus

      To be fair, the trash talking was a 2-way street in this example. The number of times that Chyna randomly made new accusations about HHH regarding physical and sexual abuse, with absolutely nothing to back it up with was huge.

      • Lisa

        Big Nose HHH betrayed Chyna. Can you imagine how much that must have affected her psychologically?

    • Darda Cook

      something had to have happened cause if not they would of had Chyna in court so fast

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    I haven’t seen this much BS since I visited my grandmas farm ?????

    • Tamala Hale

      Yeah, I smelt that before I read what they said.

  • Joseph Lisnow

    Yep. Past is the past.

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