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Triple H & Stephanie Want Shane At WrestleMania, OVW Trainer Says Mickie James Should Wrestle

– Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are interested in having Shane McMahon make an appearance at WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans, Louisiana, according to on Friday. No word yet on whether the former wrestling executive is interested.

McMahon left WWE in 2010 to pursue other opportunities. In July, McMahon voluntarily stepped down as CEO of YOU On Demand, whilst remaining YOD’s principal executive officer and Chairman of the Board.

– In response to news of Mickie James appearing as a guest trainer for WWE’s female developmental talent at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida this week, Ohio Valley Wrestling trainer Rip Rogers says the fourteen-year veteran, as well as WWE trainer Sara Del Rey, should be teaching them before live audiences.

“Mickie James can wrestle better than most of the guys- divas b in for a rude awakening,” Rogers remarked. “[James and Del Rey] should be on the road wrestling and make the girl wrestle every day in the ring on the road.”

Rogers explains that it’s not beneficial for inexperienced talent to be work with each other. “The only way to get good is have 1000 matches with vets leading u to get better – green leading green does not work,” he said.

– John Cena is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Power Slam, which chronicles the history of WWE from March 2001 to the Cena-dominated PG-era. Also featured is an interview with the former John Morrison, who explains why he left WWE two years ago.

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  • Heelsean

    Yes! That’s the main McMahon I want to see at WM. Shane’s a legend, wasn’t a great wrestler but had some of the best spots in the attitude era.

    • Reverend Scurvy

      Everyone, myself included, respected Shane for doing things to himself that nobody in his position needed to do. I’d be more than happy to see him make an appearance or, even better, a long term return. He shouldn’t get back in the ring, though. He has nothing to prove to anyone.

      • Rotnerd

        remember him vs angle? it was crazy good. suplex on the concrete.

    • Lara_P1

      Him praying before delivering that HUGE elbow drop off to the stage, to Blackman hitting him and fallin off from the titantron…Shane was awesome!

      • cubfan4life

        Dont forget the street fight match with Angle at King of the Ring. With the successful and failed tries at the suplexes through the glass panels on the stage.

  • steve182010

    yes yes yes to shane mcmahon

  • Thebroskie

    Shane o Mac is one of my all time favourites

  • tt2000

    Having Sara del Rey and Mickie James on the roster would be awesome to see.

  • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

    Shane should have total control of company when Vince is done. The only thing is he probably didn’t want it that’s why steph &HHH got it. probably want to see what he can do outside the business. Shane & Hogan comes together for a takeover at
    mania XXX

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