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Trish Stratus Would Return To WWE For One Person

Trish Stratus is long retired from the WWE ring, but there’s one person she would lace the boots up for again.

“They always ask who I would go back to work for and one person is Nattie,” said Stratus on Ring Rust Radio. “She isn’t one of the top current girls, but I never got a chance to work with her and it would be kind of dream to be able to. If I could return and have some challenging and good matches, I would have no doubt in coming back. Just as long as I could keep up in the ring, I think I would be okay.”

The former Women’s Champion also mentioned Sasha Banks, though she seemed more interested in Natalya.

Outside a few random appearances, Stratus has been retired since September 2006. She now focuses mostly on her yoga studio in Canada.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Not one of the top current girls? Ouch for Nattie

    • JFJ

      I think you misread the article. Trish Stratus saying she would return to WWE for Natalya and possibly Sasha is a huge compliment and shows the respect Trish has for them as well as how high in esteem Trish holds them. When a legend like Trish says they would be willing to come out of retirement to work with you, there is no higher praise. The ouch you speak of should be for Charlotte. After all, Charlotte is the Women’s Champion.

      • DexDude

        I think he’s referring to Trish saying Nattie isn’t one of the “top current girls” even though she’s been a contender for the title as of recent. It kind of goes both ways.. even though she’s obviously praising her work and saying she’s a great wrestler by saying she’d come out of retirement to wrestle her.. she also flatly said she’s not one of the top woman wrestlers, even though she literally just had a title match a matter of weeks ago.

        Either way I think she was more honestly referencing the “Diva’s (or woman’s) revolution” thing where Charlotte, Becky and Sasha (and even the Bella sisters, Paige, Naomi and Tamina at a time) are/were at the front of it and basically considered the “top” woman in the company (in terms of on air time and amount of matches) and woman like Nattie got pushed to the back of the line. I honestly don’t think she meant it in terms of talent… although it kinda can be portrayed that way as well if it’s misunderstood or whatever.

  • Zack

    TNA always does those One Night Only Knockouts PPVs. They should bring in vets like Trish, Mickie, Lita, Victoria, Molly, etc and have some dream matches all on one big super card.

    • jcice13

      LOL and what will they pay them with? you have a better chance of seeing moolah and mae young in TNA

      • Zack

        Oh no no no I was implying that WWE do a women’s only PPV like how TNA has occasionally done where they bring in vets and current talent on a single show. Sorry bout that.

        • jcice13

          gotcha.and yes I agree 100% they could use the girls on the main roster and net and bring back trash and lita etc for a card and why not they have the network and could easily use this type of event as a barometer to test the interest on it and I have to think it would be successful

  • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    lol C’mon Trish why not Sasha…in a pool of jello…in Borat style bikinis? ????

    • MEH

      Throw Naomi in that mix for a triple erect…, I mean threat!

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    I read somewhere the other day she said she’d like to face Sasha

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