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Trish Stratus On The Women In NXT And Triple H’s Vision Of The Brand

WWE Hall of Fame
WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus spoke with a Journey of a about various topics. Here are the highlights.

How do you feel about the women who have been making names for themselves on NXT?

I think it’s amazing. It’s about time. The girls are ready and the fans are ready. I’m really excited to see what’s gonna happen. I think they’re doing a fantastic job. I want to see who is going to break out from the girls now since they came in as a cluster. It’s an exciting time to see these strong characters, these strong athletes, and to be able to sit back and watch who is going to break out and be that star. They’re all stars. They are all great in the ring – and what I love is they all have pretty defined characters from what we’ve seen so far.  I’m proud of them. It’s a  good time for women in our business right now.

How do you feel about this vision for NXT coming from Triple H?

Well the thing about Triple H is he’s very smart and is a visionary really. As the person in charge of talent, his job is to recognize their abilities, spot their potential, then provide them with the opportunity that could elevate them that way they can make the most of them in the company. The cool thing is that he looked at the Divas division and he didn’t just see them as women, he saw these amazing athletes and characters that could do well on the show and connect with the fans. That’s what he did, he gave them the opportunity. Once the fans connect with them, they’re golden. It’s cool to see Triple H in this role, it’s no coincidence this vision is coming from a multi-time champion who knows a thing or two about what works in the ring.

You can read the entire interview here.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Trish ?

  • Jonny

    they say some people age like fine wine. Trish aged like day old cheese. And some people find her hot still…smh

    • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      LMAO I really hope ur joking

      • Jonny

        nope not in the least

      • jcice13

        every person has a different take on things, maybe who they think is hot you don’t..and always remember you can’t say he’s wrong because it’s his opinion, personally? I think becky lynch is totally hot, and maybe others don’t think so but I’m not wrong, it’s who I think is hot

    • Lisa

      Aging is real and everyone ages. Whether you age as fine wine it doesn’t really matter. You wouldn’t expect Trish to be as attractive as she was a decade ago or when she debuted on WWE TV in the year 2000.

      • Jonny

        LIke duh, i think i said tht……….

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      she looks the same lol

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