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Two Big Names Set for the Rumble & WM 28, R-Truth Backstage Update

– Both Mick Foley and BG James have had to adjust their schedule with the WrestleReunion events in Los Angeles (January) and Miami (March) due to commitments with WWE.

Foley, BG James and Billy Gunn are off the Sunday Legends breakfast for the Los Angeles WrestleReunion because Foley and James have to go to St. Louis for WWE’s Royal Rumble. Instead, they will be doing a Q&A session that Friday at 4pm. For the Miami WrestleReunion, James and Gunn have been moved to the Saturday VIP session instead of Sunday, since James is needed at WrestleMania 28.

No word yet on WWE’s plans for Foley at the Royal Rumble and James is reportedly working as an agent.

– Regarding R-Truth’s suspension, word is that he was informed he failed the Wellness test around the same time as Evan Bourne but was never told he would be suspended and didn’t know he was being suspended until November 22nd, the day WWE announced it.

WWE creative also weren’t told about the suspension until it happened. As noted before, Vince is turning R-Truth babyface when he returns in part because he sees great potential in Little Jimmy merchandise. Truth’s turn is also being done because Vince feels RAW only has two over babyfaces, John Cena and CM Punk, and if one of them gets hurt then the depth would be worse than it is now.


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  • rockymavia

    why not miz turn face? rtruth as a face is boring.

  • Punk

    Truth back beign a face? Shame. Like him more as a heel.

  • Alris

    So Vince doesn’t believe Ryder is over? His run in blew the roof of MSG and at the end of the night you have the greatest talker in the history of the WWE The Rock on the mic about to cut a promo and they started chanting for Ryder how much more does Ryder have to do?

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    further more – Cena is over as a face?? at LEAST half the fans at every event boo him.

    Agree I want to see how Miz works as a babyface WAY more than RTruth, Truths recent heel work has been the first time in years I have actually paid attention to his work..

  • Bad News Bro

    Miz shouldn’t turn babyface. He’s too strong of a heel, and has too much contrast with CM Punk for them not to feud. If Truth turns babyface I want them to keep his insane gimmick. It’s the only time anyone seems to have grabbed onto him. And personally speaking, he really needs to stop rapping, he sucks so bad at it.

  • Richie

    Should have turned Miz face…that would be something new! Truth as heel has been done and frankly, its boring! And i would like to see how Miz plays the other side of the card!

    Also, if WWE hadn’t shit on John Morrison, he is way over as well! Zack Ryder is WAYYY over, but i dont think hes main event material…at least not yet!

  • Richie

    I meant Truth as face has been done!

  • Alris

    eh I suppose you’re right Ryder was so low down the roster he’s going to be a long build before he’s a credible main eventer even being as over as he is.

    Morrison even without the backstage politics (a good chunk of which is his own fault i.e. the Wrestlemania issues with Trish Stratus) was never going to be a serious main eventer.

    Sure he’s over with the crowd in terms of getting them cheering and he’s fantastic in the ring but to be a long term established main eventer you need to be at least passable on the mic and sorry Morrison doesn’t have that he’s terrible.

    like or Loathe Cena you can’t deny he’s got skills on the Mic even if his in ring skills are only above average, Miz and Truth have been stellar on the mic and Miz’s ring work has improved dramatically. Punk is just the complete package. Del Rio is the Weakest of the Established Raw Main Eventers on the Mic – not terrible though and his Gimmick makes getting heat easy so he can get away with it.

    JoMo’s mic skills don’t even come close to Del Rio’s

    hell his mic Skills are about on a Par with Mark Henry’s and Henry is only working as a main eventer because of the (mostly) rather excellent Booking he’s been getting lately but they need to build a proper David V Goliath match to really capitalise on it instead of this clash of the giants crap cause the good booking can only hide Henry’s defects for so long and the cracks are already showing

  • Alejandro

    I don’t like R-Truth as a face either lol but it somehow works lol and I rather see Miz as a cocky, self conceited arrogant heel than a superface :p

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