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Two Former WWE Champions Reportedly Returning To The SmackDown Brand

WWE Champion
There were reports for weeks about WWE looking to add depth to their rosters with the brand extension now back. During the Draft on SmackDown Live, the only surprise names were talent from NXT.

PWInsider reports Rhyno and Curt Hawkins are set to return and be part of SmackDown.

After a few months away, Rhyno returned at the recent NXT tapings. He lost to NXT Champion Samoa Joe on Wednesday’s episode. Hawkins had been competing on the Indy scene since his 2014 release. He was shortly a champion in TNA when Global Force Wrestling had their invasion angle.

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  • Omega’d

    Neither have been WWE Champion…

    • robvanriot

      I’m glad you verified that, for a terrifying moment I thought I’d forgotten about some golden era of Curt Hawkins dominance.

      • Someguy


    • JFJ

      You’re correct. It should have been worded as “former champions” or “former champions in WWE.” Rhyno held the Hardcore and U.S. championships. The U.S. championship reign was during the Invasion angle when the title was still refereed to as “The WCW United States Championship.” He was also the man beaten for the Hardcore Championship by the late, great Mike Awesome to begin the Invasion angle. Curt Hawkins held the Smackdown Tag Title with Zack Ryder as the Edgeheads in 2008.

    • Rizzy

      Click bait lol

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Hey Hoak Kogaan, is he bad enough yet?

  • Bradley Patterson

    I wanted rhyno and bull to form a tag team in nxt when rhyno first came back…Hawkins will prob join the social outcasts or re team w Ryder or maybe feud w him now that his new tag partner mojo is up there

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