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Two Match Spoilers for Survivor Series Pay-Per-View

– Local advertisements for the 2012 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view tease that the main event will be John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title.

Advertisements also indicate that Ryback and Big Show may be team captains for traditional Survivor Series team elimination matches.

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  • Chelsii.

    Hahahahahah, fuck anyone who thought CM Punk was actually going to lose this Sunday.

    CM Punk v Dwayne Johnson Royal Rumble 2013.

  • Mayback

    Why is Ryback a team captain all of a sudden? why not Sheamus vs Big Show’s teams then Ziggler vs Orton for the World heavyweight championship. CM Punk vs Cena is perfect plus AJ VS Eve and a Brock Lesnar appearance. SS could be more anticipated than SS this year

  • Violardo

    maybe big show interferes in rybacks match because he lost to sheamus before 😉

  • Rybork

    I can totally see Big Show interfering in Punk/Ryback’s match and forming an alliance with Heyman.

    Team Ryback vs Team Big Show? imma wait and see how this plays out without any further comments. Still liking the idea of Punk vs Cena headlining Survivor Series, this time with a stipulation match likely.

  • blake

    somebody needs to end this boring title reign soon

  • Remember card subject to change.

  • Remember card subject to change. Lol plus I see dolph cashing in mitb on punk after his match and on raw they will come up with something stupid despite his briefcasse is for world title and then ziggler will face cena for wwe title to further the vickie and aj feud.

  • stone cold

    why cant we get 5 on 5 SS match.TEAM PAUL HEYMEN GUYS VS TEAM VINCE MCHAMON GUYS

  • The REAL RyBork aka bork lazer

    i want a 7-on-7 match this year.

    Heyman guys: Brock Lesnar,Big Show,Dolph Ziggler,Antonio Cesaro,HEEL Mark Henry, and the Prime Time Playas


    McMahon Guys: RyBack,Triple H, Kane,Daniel Bryan,Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella and Brodus Clay.

  • Yerright, Dolph is a WWE made wrestler. He is not a Heyman guy and neither are the prime time players.

  • The REAL RyBork aka bork lazer

    they can become Heymman guys. CM Punk didnt debut as a heyman guy, they can just allign themselves with him.

  • peluchin

    fuck it make a new NWO

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