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Two New WWE Champions Crowned Tonight

– Randy Orton became the new WWE Champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Daniel Bryan at the end of SummerSlam tonight. This came just minutes after Bryan beat John Cena to win the title for the first time.

Orton’s win also came after special referee Triple H turned heel and laid Bryan out with a Pedigree. Orton took advantage and covered Bryan, revealing a new alliance with Triple H.

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  • mrlaw

    Incredible match and ending! Glad to see Randy and Triple H back heels again.. Things in the WWE are really going to be interesting heading into WM30.. Overall, the whole pay per view was great! One of the best Summer Slams I’ve seen in a long time..

  • james

    Although it sucks Bryan isn’t champion he WILL hold it in the future, what i’m happy about is 1. Cena lost clean 2. i know people will say its cause of bryan but it was a great match and 3. A heel triple h in my view is the best triple h, makes for some compelling TV!!!

  • Jeff


  • Chelsii?

    With all of my hate.

    All of it. I stayed up to watch it and I was disappointed, as soon as I saw Sam and Orton’s daughter behind the announcer’s desk, I knew it.

    • YoungAngryMan

      Who? Damn you really are the king of smarks.

      • Chelsii?

        His ex wife, she was sitting right behind Michael Cole with his daughter.

  • JH

    Creative_ish delivers the line of the night in my book. Hilarious.

  • Devon

    I’m mad Bryan lost but I’m glad about a few things. 1. Cena lost cleanly to Bryan. 2. HHH and Orton both turned heel cuz Orton is a worse face than Cena. 3. Orton & Bryan will have a fued. 4. Cena will probably take time off to heal his elbow. 5. Bryan should have the title back between now and Survivor Series. Or TLC.

    • tom

      tell the toothfairy

  • Eli Myers

    I going to LOVE Triple H and Randy Orton as HEELS. Hopefully they are Together.

  • Poppy’s Hammer
  • Aaron

    There just going to give the title back to Cena when he comes back! Daniel Bryan has carried WWE for months now! I afraid WWE will screw it up!

  • sonik

    Do you see the line in the sand…

  • Ebenezer Grymm

    Saw it coming but I was hoping Triple H would Pedigree Bryan, get Orton to cash in, then Pedigree Orton and put Bryan on top of him for the pin to cement Bryan as champion and waste Ortons MITB cash in.


    • Mrs. Ambrose

      that could have been a great idea!

    • YoungAngryMan

      Smarks…you see everything coming, don’t you?

  • Hawkins

    Randy Orton w/ Triple H VS Daniel Bryan /w Shawn Micheals at NOC!!

    • Mrs. Ambrose


      • Hawkins

        Now think about that….Now why the hell would Vince B in the corner of someBody he doesnt like? Hell he doesnt respect? (Unless Vinny Mac does a face turn But i highly doubt that) Vince wouldnt do that…Shawn will B in the picture and he will B at Raw to see what the hell is wrong with Hunter and Shawn will say he will B in DBry’s corner…

  • Toni

    Batista just needs to return soon and WWE will be crazy!

  • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

    I can’t wait for raw

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      me too

  • Babertus Maximus

    one word: EVOLUTION!

    • Richie

      I was thinkin the same thing as soon as Triple H was made the special ref! Much like HHH and Flair did taking on Orton and Batista when they were rookies, now it can be Orton and HHH bringing a couple rookies into the fold…it would be the evolution of Evolution, with Orton the center of attention this time and HHH playing the role that Flair played last time!

      • Richie

        And perhaps they can bring up Mason Ryan to take the role of Batista! Just a thought!

  • Dominique Taylor

    That doesn’t make Triple H heel!

    • Mrs. Ambrose


  • Jack Albarn

    No wonder triple h recently contact batista

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