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Two Scripts Written For Tonight’s Raw Episode, Sheamus In Mass.

– WWE’s creative department wrote two different scripts for tonight’s Raw. According to, one script is contingent upon John Cena being medically cleared to compete at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 28 after undergoing surgery on his arm. The other script will be used if he is not able to compete at the pay-per-view event.

– According to, Sheamus will appear at the Colonial Honda 225 State Road North, Dartmouth, Massachusetts on Oct. 23 beginning at noon. Call 508-985-6350 for more information.

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  • matthew

    Both scripts probably stink
    I miss the old days when there was bookers and not Hollywood writers

  • rob

    See what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. They need to stop relying on Cena and make new main eventers.

  • jayman

    70% of the WWE audience including me are sick of Cena. We want Ryback V.S Punk

  • Ryan

    They need to switch to the other script. This one’s awful.

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