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Two Talents Officially Removed From TNA Roster, Is Brooke Hogan Still With The Company?

Two talents have been removed from TNA Wrestling’s official roster page as Devon and SoCal Val are no longer listed.

Devon was removed from television on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling as the show concluded with the accomplished tag team wrestler being forced out of the organization. He was pinned in a 10-man tag team match between the Main Event Mafia and Aces and Eights carrying a stipulation that the wrestler who took the fall would be prohibited from appearing on television.

Val announced her departure from the organization on Thursday evening via Twitter, writing, “Thank u #ImpactWrestling ,the lockerroom & esp the fans for 9 wonderful years. No longer w the company. Really excited 2 see what’s NEXT!”

Meanwhile, Brooke Hogan remains listed on the page despite reports that she was released from her contract with the organization.

Following numerous talent departures in 2013, TNA Wrestling now has a roster size of 49—including announcers and non-wrestlers. This is down from a general roster size of approximately 60 in recent years.

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  • JustJoeKing

    could SO Cal Val be talking about NXT when she says NEXT? she was spotted at the tapings

  • Devon

    I hope she comes to wwe

    • james clinton

      I hope he comes to WWE.
      It would be awful (but hilarious) if WWE did a biker gang invasion angle with D’lo, Devon, D.O.C. and (rumors) Mr. Kennedy.
      And what a slap in the face to TNA that would be. No official namesaying of A&8 or tna or anything, but just having them there and still a biker themed stable would just make me laugh my ass off.
      Well, realistically I just want to see DOC and Devon in WWE they both have the talent to be solid midcard workers.

      •!/MMcCraryNJ Michael McCrary

        WWE wouldn’t ever do that. It’s been well documented that internally, WWE does not consider TNA to be competitors. At all. They wouldn’t do anything on air to seemingly mock them or draw attention to them in any way.

        • YM5

          but… they have already, they like periodically take jabs at TNA angles from years back on the regular dude

        • Eric Chism

          TNA is not even a factor for the WWE.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Well i thought that Brooke Hogan was gone from TNA?

  • tim

    at least TNA is worth watching, can’t stand watching wwe anymore, been a wrestling fan for 40 years & the garbage being put out today is pitiful, the attitude era and the n.w.o era killed pro wrestling. after that you can’t go back and try to start over, it’s just boring shows now. hopefully both companies will call it quits and let it return to arenas & gyms where it belongs

  • Trace

    Brooke Hogan is gone. TNA did this with Ric Flair when he was released too, because they’re huge names they stay I guess.

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