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TNA Removes Two Profiles From Their Website

TNA has removed the profiles of Mickie James and Ken Anderson from the roster section of their website. Both had their contracts expire and were believed to be negotiating new deals.
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  • Ha! CM Punk lost

    Anderson come to WWE.

    • Trey Doss

      i’d love it but you know how wwe is plus he did a shoot on wwe as the tna champion

      • jcice13

        that’s no big deal vince knows TNA gets minimal viewership, if vince thinks he’s an asset he’ll be back, but I doubt it. didn’t hogan bischoff and nash et al bash the WWE while beating their brains in for 2 years in the WCW? and if I’m not mistaken they ALL were taken back

        • Trey Doss


        • Damian Starr

          The both had drawing power then though, unlike the hogan of today… but somehow I don’t see Anderson being anymore than another midcarder in an already bloated roster of midcarders, also the whole orton thing didn’t exactly go down too well so it’s not as if he’s in their good books, unlike RVD was

          • jcice13

            if vince sees money or a good angle? he’s in.. but I don’t see it happening, but to say absolutely no isn’t right either and of course he’d be a mid carder

    • jcice13

      minimal at best

    • Macho Man

      Won’t happen, Vince/HHH/Orton ran him out of WWE on a rail!

    • KingBack

      For what reason?
      There is not room for him in WWE and WWE have a lot of young guys
      on NXT with 10 times the talent.

  • Trey Doss

    i say if mickie doesnt resign we can forget her coming to wwe as long as nikki is with cena

    • jcice13

      if I’m vince I take her back in a heart beat and even do a “shoot” style return with her, I think there’d be a nice interest in an angle like that don’t you? she can bad mouth cena, vince HHH etc I might even hook her up with heyman in some fashion and give her a title reign

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