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Tyler Breeze Being Sent Back Down To NXT?

There has been a lot of speculation about Tyler Breeze’s status as a main roster talent after he worked this past weekend’s NXT live events.

F4Wonline.com is reporting that Breeze is not being sent back down to NXT and will remain on the main roster.

It was reported in January that Vince McMahon has given up on Breeze. Triple H wanted to protect him and saw him as a heel on the level of Dolph Ziggler. However, McMahon wasn’t convinced, and that’s when his push ended.

Breeze is currently being used in a comedy role on WWE TV as he is currently paired with R-Truth and is feuding with Goldust and Fandango.

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  • Zack

    Kept on the roster….to be released later this month ???

  • Bonkerz

    He never got pushed… idiots…

    • jcice13

      they tried even though it was weak they tried and he just wasn’t accepted

  • robvanriot

    He’d be better off on NXT. I imagine he gets paid the same either way, and he’d be booked a Hell of a lot better.

    • siddus

      He claims the money is much better now he’s on the main roster

  • Bradley Patterson

    Yea keep him but release Sandra…smartone

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