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UFC Star to WWE?, Del Rio’s Father Retiring, Cena Hypes HIAC

– John Cena continues to tweet and hype his return at Hell In a Cell on Sunday:

“Just 2 b clear to the @WWEUniverse #WRS is 4 those #downsincedayone #cenation if u not with us, then it’s time 2 hate us again. We Run Sh$$”

– Wrestling legend Dos Caras, father to WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, will have his Japanese retirement match on December 4th at Korakuen Hall. Caras will be doing final shows in Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana for his official retirement in early 2014. The Japanese retirement match will be Caras and WWE Hall of Famer Mil Mascaras vs. Nosawa and Mazada.

– A major UFC name was expected to be in contact with WWE this week about working for the company in 2014. It’s not Chael Sonnen, who has expressed interest in doing broadcast work for WWE once his MMA career is over.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • IamLisa

    I can’t wait to see Cena make his return at HiaC. The past two months have sucked without him.

    • B-Ped

      I wouldn’t say it’s sucked. It’s been different, I’ll give you that, but I think the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton/Authority angle has been really good, and the CM Punk/Heyman/Ryback situation has been pretty entertaining as well.

      My fear, when Cena returns, is more of the same. We get it, Cena comes in, acts like he has some incredible odds to overcome with each defense, wins, moves on to the next, repeat, etc.

      They need to find something different and interesting with him. The last time I was genuinely interested with a Cena angle was the Nexus battle.

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