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Ultimate Warrior Warns Zack Ryder Not to Violate His Intellectual Property

Back in July 2011, Zack Ryder wrestled at several WWE live events as the “Ultimate Broski.” Ryder parodied Ultimate Warrior character, using Warrior’s facepaint, ring gear and mannerisms.

Earlier this week, Zack Ryder wrote the following message on Twitter:

“Z! TLIS action figures coming soon. Here’s a preview.”

Ultimate Warrior, who is very protective of his intellectual property, replied to him:

“Having fun with MY UW marks is one thing, violating my TM rights is another. Don’t think so…someone needs to rethink”

On Wednesday, Ryder followed up with this message – assuring Warrior he has no need to call his lawyer:

“To clear up any confusion, the Z! TLIS action figures are custom made. They will not be mass produced or for sale anywhere…”

  • rob

    in the words of iron sheik ..”fuck you warrior hulk hogan will fuck u in ur ass with his raisin ball and small dick and make you humble”

  • What?

    the old jackass needs to think maybe Ryder is paying tribute/respect to him. remember when Warrior kicked off when Batista started shaking the ropes? yeah, he moans about the smallest of things.

  • Thunda & Lightnin

    Had respect for warrior but I agree that is a sign of respect @What?.
    He is losing my respect fast.
    I am now understanding that maybe vince was correct what he said about him before his depature from wwf.

  • The Real Jabroni

    i thought it was the WWE (esp Vince) that created “The Warrior”?
    Before that Hellwig was known as Dingo Warrior back during his WCCW days lol.

    Would love to know how all the Warrior ass kissers feel about him now. Ive always said the Warrior has turned into one of those internet bullys always looking at mocking/picking fights with someone over the www. This one just proves it Bigtime. Always trying to be in the spotlight eh Jim?