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Undertaker Working Live Events This Weekend, Recent Attendance Numbers

Wyatt Family
– This Friday, the WWE starts a quick tour of Mexico with a card out of Merida. Making a very rare live event appearance is the Undertaker. He teams with Kane to take on the Wyatt Family’s Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. Later in the month, Undertaker returns to TV as he meets Brock Lesnar inside Hell in a Cell.

– Speaking of WWE events, here are the attendance numbers for their most recent shows.

Live Event: October 10 in St. Louis had 4,500 fans
Live Event: October 11 in Bloomington had 3,000 fans
RAW: October 12 in Chicago had 10,000 fans
SmackDown Tapings: October 13 in Cincinnati had 3,000 fans

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  • Michael King

    Undertaker vs Kane at mania

    • Joseph Lisnow

      idk. that would be terribly boring and a waste of two guys nearing the end of their careers.

      • Michael King

        It wouldn’t be boring

      • Michael King

        Be 100 times better than Taker vs Sting

        • Fat Owens Fat

          i agree. Sting should just retire. He missed the boat with his WWE debut and that Hunter match was pretty much pointless, so was his last match. Could have held some novelty value if he had stayed away from Hunter and just debuted by challenging Taker at Mania that year.

          • Michael King

            Yeah if this match happened years ago I would have no problem with it but now at their age it’ll just be ridiculous.

          • Meg Matthews

            Zimmer frames at 50, no make that 20 paces lol ?

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