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Raw Footage from a Different Angle, Kelly Kelly Trading Cards, Emma Hypes NXT

– WWE posted this unseen footage of The Shield and The Wyatt Family going at it, featuring a different camera angle from RAW:

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly announced on Twitter that her trading cards are now available for purchase at BarbaraBlank.com.

“New batch of trading cards are here! Find out how to get your card for free here: http://www.barbarablank.com/store pic.twitter.com/pQNDQTh4MA”

Kelly Kelly Trading Cards

– NXT Diva Emma hyped the historic 200th episode of NXT, writing on Twitter, “Don’t miss the live TV taping of @WWENXT ‘s historic 200th episode on Thursday, Nov. 21 @FullSail! Can’t wait to #EMMAtain you all!”

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  • steve182010

    really unseen dont u mean just from another angle

  • gta4801 .

    And the best part no danm commentary

  • Best_4_Busine$$

    Here’s a thought for Survivor Series. Have the Shield and Wyatt family team up against bryan, punk, usos, and the Rhodes dynasty in 6 on 6 elimination tag. then, have the heels lose, thus resulting in the two factions blaming one another. which sets up a match at TLC with the shield vs wyatt family with some sort of stipulation(i’d go with a tables match.) then have the shield lose to the wyatts. but it doesn’t have to end there. maybe have the shield lose a few more times on raw/smackdown, which causes some arguments. then, rollins/ambrose secretly form a plan to get rid of reigns(maybe they think hes the reason they are losing) then turn on him.

    which goes into a storyline that reigns is injured or something. then at the royal rumble, have reigns return(maybe with ambrose/rollins in the ring working together) thus turning face and eliminating both of them. now im saying he doesn’t have to win the damn thing, but maybe put him in the final 3 in the rumble, which’ll give him legitimacy that he can hang with the main eventers. then, roman reigns may face the shield(ambrose & rollins) in a 2-1 handicap match(because we all know WWE loves handicap matches) and beat them, proving he can go out on his own.

    Thus, beginning Roman Reigns’s HUGE Babyface Push.
    so, whadd’ya think?

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