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Update On AJ Lee Following Scare At Live Event, Country Music Band To Appear On Raw

– WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee didn’t miss a beat after fainting during her match on Friday in London, England as she competed at tonight’s show in Minehead. Partnering with Tamina, the duo again lost to The Bella Twins.

Today’s show in Minehead marks as the eleventh day of WWE’s grueling tour across Europe, which has been described as exhausting by some wrestlers.

– Country music group Florida Georgia Line have announced that they will be on hand for “Raw Country” this Monday night in Nashville, Tenneseee. The group’s song, “Round Here,” was featured in the promotional video.

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  • Staynes

    I guess medical staff cleared her but imo you should take it a little easy after you fainted for whatever reason let her skip 2 weeks of live events or something cant be heatlhy to be back and pressure your body again when it clearly said take it easy a bit.

  • Lara_P1

    how times have changed. 11 days of wrestling was nothing to the pioneers of this sport. this isnt a shot at today’s wrestlers either, I am sure it is exhausting; I’m just pointing out the clear difference.

    • PlanoStu

      Back then, they were regional. Traveling the globe with no time off is hardly the same

      • Lara_P1

        Still, 40-50 nights straight wrestling (sometimes even more) compared to 11, is hardly comparable. even if those 11 nights were in a different country.

        • YM5

          the lack of Cocaine and the fact they’re traveling country to country almost daily rather than town to town(sometimes neighborhood to neighborhood pretty much) is the difference. AJ has wrestled 53 matches in 55 days without missing a beat before (in the same city but hey). but obviously you’ve never done extended traveling because jetlag takes it toll on you

    • tt2000

      Must be because of the no-drug policy…

  • sonik

    Country music is best for business…

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