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Update on Devon and AJ Styles’ TNA Status

– Devon was asked if he’s still working in a backstage role with TNA and he replied:

“no i’m not done lol i’m just done with tna . had good years with the boys there and now its time to move on”

– AJ Styles and TNA are set for their next round of contract negotiations this week. As noted before, Styles’ future with TNA will come down to money. If both sides can agree on financial terms, Styles will stay with TNA.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • KingBack

    TNA would be stupid not to give AJ the contract he deserves unlike
    so many other Guys on their roster.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    TNA just needs to get down to an agreement with AJ Styles before it is too late

  • Daniel_P1

    Pay the man what he wants, he sure as hell has earned it for all he has done for TNA.

    • james clinton

      Just like Jesse earned his salary after breaking his neck…
      And dixie didnt even pay his med. bills!
      But yeah, admittedly this is different as AJ is their top draw.

  • Devon

    He is the best wrestler in TNA history. He deserves better than TNA. He should come to wwe

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I think that he would fit in wwe

  • xDreamz

    Styles is probably the face of TNA. He is the best wrestler of this company. If TNA doesn’t get an agreement, Styles, please, come to WWE.


    Aj styles is tna i see him staying with the company

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      He could stay but they need to just come up with an agreement

  • M. N.

    I think WWE would just keep AJ in NXT like with Hero and Generico.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I don’t think so because you never know he might be on the roster in no time

  • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

    If tna don’t pay him I know who would. He’ll have so many great feuds &
    Devon probably be a agent 4 WWE

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    AJ Styles to WWE = dream come true

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