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Update on Heyman’s Return to TV, Axel vs. Langston This Week?, Rumble Note

– There is a WWE Royal Rumble poster going around with CM Punk on it and as far as we know it’s a fan creation from Deviant Art.

– As noted, Paul Heyman may be returning to WWE TV this week. Original plans had Heyman staying off TV until Brock Lesnar was brought back but a lot of storylines changed in the past few weeks.

– As noted, the Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel match was nixed from WWE Main Event last week because Langston was on his way to Europe for the ongoing tour. The belief within WWE is that the match will take place at this week’s tapings.

Source: PWInsider

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  • B-Ped

    I’d love to see Wade Barrett come back as a Paul Heyman guy.

    • Captain Kamikaze

      I love Heyman, and I love Barrett but I don’t really think Wade needs Paul. Wade’s an amazing mic worker, and a really good wrestler. All he really needs is a proper direction and a good push and he could be a top superstar for the WWE.

      • B-Ped

        Oh I agree Wade Barrett needs proper direction, but WWE has flubbed so many times in the past with him. I know Paul Heyman isn’t a guarantee that a superstar will go the right direction (ie. Ryback and Curtis Axel), but he does give a little more clout.

        Either way, I just want to see Barrett take his rightful place at the top. He’s such a wicked heel, when given the opportunity. He just needs the opportunity.

  • Captain Kamikaze

    Y’see this is just one of those reasons why people don’t care about the IC title, it’s just not treated like it means anything. If there were an advertised WWE championship match, or a match for the WHC the WWE would advertise the reason it wasn’t defended, they’d have a proper replacement match, and they’d make sure they wouldn’t promise the new date of the match until they were sure it would be able to happen. For the IC Title they just write it off, hope nobody notices and push it down to the next week, if it even gets taped at all.

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