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Update on HHH vs. Big Show, Kane Losing His Mask and More

– Another source has confirmed that WWE decided to remove Kane’s mask so he can be more identifiable when WWE Studios’ begins promoting See No Evil 2 on TV. Kane will be working without the mask going forward.

– While Big Show vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title is being considered for the Survivor Series pay-per-view, they are also considering a major tag match main event for the show.

The Triple H vs. Big Show match may be saved for December’s TLC pay-per-view to help with buys.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Victor82

    So if Rey Mysterio makes a film, WWE will remove his mask and then everybody knows that Rey is in that film… Putting the mask on Kane two years ago was a very good thing, and now it’s all gone…


      Rey Rey looks sooo gay without the mask like a little twink you couldn’t take him seriously as a tough guy without it…

    • tt2000

      Who cares… Kane is always the same crap over and over and can’t even have a good match against someone like Bryan, Rollins or Cesaro.

      • Mario Peralta

        Oh that’s right, I forgot all about those Five-Star matches YOU had with Bryan, Rollins or Cesaro

        • tt2000

          Are you five years old? Can’t people have an opinion on something they’ve never done personally? Why are you criticizing crappy movies then? Or Justin Bieber’s music? Or WWE’s booking?

          Freaking idiot.

          • Mario Peralta

            Whoa your tough, automatically with the insults. Nowhere in my comment (which is MY own opinion, by the way so take your own advice, hypicrit)did I ever mention movies, Beiber, or WWE’s booking. You ran down a wrestler and worded it like it was something that anybody can do but Kane failed to do so. So I called you out on it.

            So rethink your comments before you start jumping the gun with the insults. You sorry sloppy b!tch

          • tt2000

            No man. What you said was I shouldn’t be criticizing Kane because I can’t have a good match with Daniel Bryan or Seth Rollins either, which is one of the stupidest arguments someone can make in a discussion.

            I know you didn’t mention movies or Bieber, I can read. It was just an example to make you realize how dumb and ineffective your argument was.

            And yes, having a good match with Daniel Bryan, Cesaro or Rollins is something that anybody who’s in the WWE should be able to do.

  • sonik

    So D-Bry won’t win WWE Title in 2013 as it was supposed to be… that’s a shame. HHH vs Show has to have good stipulation to have at least 2,5*

  • Heelsean

    It really confuses me as to why wwe is pushing Big Show, yes he’s a veteran but I don’t want to see him main eventing ppvs with HHH or Orton. What happens when Show retire? WWE should be pushing younger guys not continually putting Big Show in main event feuds.

  • Padres4life

    Wow! So bryan is completely forgotten about? Big show will win the title instead? I’m done! Very unfair. Golden opportunity wasted. Now bryan will job to the Wyatt’s, ugh

    • rhett

      your not done, you’ll be back

  • Devon

    Bryan deserves to be champ. This is why I’m done wit WWE.

    • rhett

      you’ll be back

      • Devon

        I will most likely watch again before the rumble but from September 2008-January 2011 I didn’t watch

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Everybody knows Randy Orton will be WWE Champion after SS.

  • YoungAngryMan

    All of this negativity in this comment section could be solved if you all just downloaded the WWE App!! The App is free and so are the rest holds you get to watch during commercial!!!!

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