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Update On Kelly Kelly, This Week’s “WWE Superstars”, Edge Speaks

– Following her release Friday from WWE, Kelly Kelly changed her Twitter handle to @TheBarbieBlank. The former Divas Champion is now representing herself as Barbie Blank, with her official website located at BarbaraBlank.com. She is now listed as an alumnus on WWE.com, and her WWE-sanctioned Facebook page with over one million “Likes” has been deleted.

Blank is happy after parting ways with WWE. She noted celebrating with her boyfriend Friday evening via Twitter, with the hashtags “#lovinglife” and “#freedom.”

– This week’s episode of WWE Superstars is now online via WWE.com, featuring a Raw rematch between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. Also see Yoshi Tatsu battle Heath Slater, Layla take on Divas Champion Eve, and Ted DiBiase competes against Michael McGillicutty.

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge joins Jack Encarnacao on The Mouthpiece Wrestling Show at 10:00 a.m. Saturday on NBC Sports Radio 1510 AM in Boston, Massachusetts. He will talk about his life after WWE, who the smoothest person he’s ever wrestled, how different his character would be coming up in WWE today, and more.

– In Saturday’s birthdays, David Sammartino turns 52-years-old while Yoshihiro Tajiri turns 42.

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  • Muscleman

    Unlike most members of the IWC, I don’t hate Kelly Kelly. In fact, I have always been a fan of K2’s, well… somewhat. But even I must admit: She is a two-cent whore.

  • Chelsii

    Same As that cheap imitation of Pamela Anderson, Trish Stratus!

  • Big Nic

    @Chesli Trish could wrestle and loved the business. Stop being a hater.

  • Chelsii

    Yea sue she had pure love for business….
    and have u see her 1st year at the company?she didnt know how to wrestle…

  • Lonnn

    “Barbie” and “Blank”, perfectly sums up her personnality…

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