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Update On Lilian Garcia After Being Struck By A Car In Los Angeles

The official WWE website first reported Saturday morning that SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia was listed as being in stable condition at a Los Angeles, California hospital after being struck by a car on Friday afternoon. The website updated their report this afternoon to state that she is undergoing further testing and that her condition is currently “unknown.” WWE also removed the line of her being expected to make a full recovery.

WWE says Garcia suffered “multiple contusions and lacerations on the left side of her body.” Her neck was stabilized as well.

Garcia’s husband, Chris, spoke to WWE and said that everyone is “praying for her full recovery.”

TMZ.com is also covering the story here, although offered no additional details.

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  • jayman

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  • EC

    I hope Lilian can get back soon. She’s probably the best ring announcer in WWE.
    Oh, and Jayman, everybody knows already.

  • Lonnn

    When will you guys understand that Lisa is just a friggin’ troll ??? don’t feed it!!!

  • Lisa

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  • rob

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  • Brody Lawrence

    Aw, that’s tragic. Lillian is such a beautiful lady inside & out and a real patriot. I hope she does make a full recovery. She’s also their all-time best ring announcer. Hopefully we’ll see Jerry Lawler AND Lillian back in WWE soon.

    @Lisa–The truth hurt you troll? You’re a dumb bitch. Shut up fool.

  • 2caras

    That updated news on Garcia don’t sound good hoping she comes put of this tragic

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