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Update on Rob Van Dam’s WWE Status

WWE published an article about Rob Van Dam’s status. RVD mentioned in their article that while he can physically still go, he needed some time off “mentally and spiritually.”

F4WOnline reported yesterday that Rob Van Dam has still not signed a new contract with WWE.

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  • RiotStar

    Why would he need to sign a new contract when he has a perfectly good one already? It allows for time out every 90 days…

    • jcice13

      that’s exactly what I read his contract was but maybe the internet people got it wrong? we should ask eric bischoff

    • Lucas Amato

      His contract was for 3 months… so he has to sign a new contract or no more RVD… (i read that in somewhere…)

  • Me

    That is all well and good, but where is Christian?

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