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Update on The Miz Turning Heel, Injured WWE Star Returning Soon

– As seen at the WWE live event in Belfast earlier this week, The Miz turned heel and cut a promo on the fans before losing to Kofi Kingston. Word is that the heel turn was just for this tour of Europe because they were short on heels. Miz will likely be back to working as a babyface on WWE TV next week.

– Evan Bourne will finally be making his return to the ring for WWE some time in the next 4-6 weeks. WWE officials expect Bourne back before the end of the year, at least working live events. No word yet if he will return to TV before the year is over.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Trey Doss


    • Maddox

      Heard that last year too

      • Trey Doss


        • Maddox

          Surprised he hasn’t been released considering how long he has been out, Must have a fan backstage

  • The_Brown_Widow

    I thought WWE was turning Miz heel for good

    • B-Ped

      I WISH they were turning Miz heel for good. Despite the people who hate on him, I think he was MUCH more effective and relevant as a heel.


        Yeah you’re right but I am not a fan of The Miz.

  • Mario Peralta

    Evan Bourne is going to return, get pops like crazy, then out of WWE stupidity, he will get buried because the buyrates will be low and he isn’t a big guy with a powerhouse style. WWE is afraid to allow people with a different style succeed. Look at Rob Vam Dam, he returned with all kinds of hype, then they mid-carded him right away. Barrett is another one, he has been rumored a push for over 2 years now, still nothing. Daniel Bryan is apparently only good for giving great matches on the mid-card, which is complete sh!t. The list goes on…

  • It’s been nearly 2 years right?

    • The_Brown_Widow


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