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Update on The Rock and WWE, See No Evil 2 Wraps, AJ Lee

– WWE Diva AJ Lee has been announced for the Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans on Saturday, February 8th, 2014. She will be appearing from 1pm until 4pm.

– Filming wrapped for WWE Studios’ See No Evil 2 yesterday, which means Kane should be ready to return soon. Special effects experts Todd Masters and Monster Masters worked on the movie and it was noted that the movie will feature “supreme blood and gore.”

– With the WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view just a few weeks away, it’s safe to say The Rock won’t be appearing. It was reported a few months ago that WWE wanted The Rock to appear at Hell In a Cell, from his hometown of Miami, to shoot an angle to set up a WrestleMania XXX match. As of last week, The Rock’s status for WrestleMania was still unknown.

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  • Abudadein

    See No Evil 2 should be an instant classic! Much like The Exorcist II, The Last Exorcism II, and The Haunting in Connecticut II.

    • Me

      The Haunting in Connecticut II: The Ghosts of Georgia…..what more needs to be said.

  • rhett

    hope the rock’s angle doesn’t include cena

    • DexDude

      Three times in a lifetime!

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Rock Vs Brock.. one last time.. Storyline could make sense since the Rock dropped the WWE undisputed champion belt to Brock back in 2002.

    • DexDude

      How does that make sense? lol so he lost a match to him 11 years ago? That’s grounds for a Wrestlemania match? Not that I wouldn’t want to see the match.. but that would be a bad story line to go with…

      • mrlaw

        Why would that be a bad storyline? A lot of matches in the past had been set up with back stories dated back several years. It would make sense that if the Rock wanted to have one last match, he would face the guy he never defeated.. Brock Lesnar.

        • DexDude

          Because this is a new era now and people seem to not want to remember that. The story lines they write cater to the new audience and probably 60% of them weren’t even watching wrestling then and would have no clue what was going on and have no interest in a story line picking up from 11 years ago. They could use it as a minor point in the story line but it shouldn’t be a main focus.

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