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Update on TNA Being For Sale, Bound For Glory Buys, More

– The actual paid attendance for TNA Bound For Glory was 2,622 but there were 3,000 fans in the building so TNA didn’t paper that much. TNA officials are taking this as a positive. When WWE ran a live event in San Diego this past August, there were almost 4,000 in the building but only 2,358 paid.

– According to various cable industry sources, Bound For Glory looks to have been down about 15% from last year, which would indicate around 17,000 buys.

– There are a lot of stories going around about TNA being for sale but there are indeed serious talks going on behind the scenes. There is a potential buyer that has been looking at the company. Representatives for the potential new owners have been at TNA’s offices recently. Talk of a potential sale has been going on for months but has reached a serious enough point where things are at a significant stage.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Junaid

    So its gonna be WWE’s house shows vs TNA’s grandest offering. Getting a SLIGHT edge here makes TNA’s officials happy. Speaks volumes about TNA’s standing.

    • Damian Starr

      WWE hasn’t done a tv show there for ages because they fear the low numbers

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