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Updated WWE Network Plans, Wrestlers You Can’t Trust, SmackDown Taping News

– The WWE Smackdown taping on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 will be held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

– WWE has published a list of 15 Superstars “you can’t trust.” Vince McMahon topped the list, followed by Kane, Ric Flair, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Paul Heyman.

– The LA Times is featuring a story about how the WWE Network is leaning towards having their network be a pay-TV channel.

According to their article, the price for the channel would be somewhere between $10 – $15 per month, which would be split evenly between WWE and the distributor. The company would then move most of their pay-per-view events to the channel.

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  • Chelsii.

    Wish WWE would stop posting these bullshit lists.

  • Chelsii.

    Om nom nom nom

  • Fuck Off

    Don’t you to need have a distributor first? According to an article posted last week, they don’t even have a distributor yet, and according to another article months back, DirecTV won’t pick up the network, which makes up like thirty percent of US households. If WWE makes it a pay network and moves their pay per views to this mythical network, they will be losing an obscene amount of money every month. I can’t imagine too many people paying for this network anyway. Wrestling is not nearly as popular as it once was, and WWE doesn’t build up their characters on Raw and Smackdown to give the casual fan any reason to care.

  • Joseph

    $15 a month for a WWE network? No thanks. I was looking forward to it, but I can barely stand to sit through the current WWE product, why would I pay for it?

  • blake

    it will probably be $14.99/month

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