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Val Venis Blasts John Morrison & Melina (Contains Foul Language)

Trish Stratus confirmed last Friday via radio interview that she was snubbed by John Morrison at WrestleMania. He wasn’t interested in listening to her suggestions for their bout, and that when she went to hug him during the post-match celebration, he gave her the cold shoulder. The assumption backstage is that Melina was in his ear because she believed Stratus was taking “her spot” at the pay-per-view event.

Former WWE talent Sean Morley (a/k/a Val Venis) is furious over their alleged treatment of Stratus, who he considers a friend. He posted a video online blasting the real-life couple, while also defending Stratus. His remarks are as follows:

“I’ve always been really nice to Johnny and Melina. I’ve always been really nice to them. I don’t respect Johnny at all. And, you know, there are several reasons for that. And now, after snubbing Trish for supposedly taking Melina’s spot at WrestleMania. You know what? Screw it. The reality of the situation is Melina, it’s not your spot! It’s Vince McMahon’s spot and he’s going to put in that spot whoever will be doing the best for the company and it’s ain’t you, ah-ah! It’s Trish! You think you’re on the same level as Trish, Melina? Come on! All that respect I might have had for you, which honestly was just a little bit, is completely thrown out the freakin’ window now!

“The reality is, your boyfriend Morrison is nothing but a chump ass bitch who has zero nuts! Zero nuts! What is it? First it’s Mike Knox, then it’s Batista? And the whole time Morrison goes on like, “It’s not really happening. It’s just, she doesn’t really cheat on me.” You’re a freakin’ ho Melina! You know what, I’m not even going to say freakin’ anymore, you’re a fucking slut, period! And Morrison you wanna go out there, and Melina, and snub, my t-dot girl Trish? Come on!

“Melina, you’re not the same level as Trish. If you want that spot so much, why instead of taking it out on Trish and saying, “uhhh she took my spot,” why don’t you think, “Hmmm… Vince chose Trish for that spot. How can I better improve my charisma, my in-ring ability, my marketability. So that the next time Vince decides to choose someone for a certain spot, you’ll choose me.” It’s called competition. It’s called free market competition Melina. But no, you can’t handle that. You think you’re owed that spot, you ain’t owed nothing!

“And then Morrison, you’re going to walk around like Batista didn’t tag your girl? You’re going to walk around like Mike Knox didn’t tag your girl? By the way, how does Mike Knox taste? How does Batista taste? How does, God knows how many other guys she’s banged right under your nose. In fact, it wasn’t even under your nose! You just pretend it was under your nose! You know the whole time it was f*****g going on! God dang! So all and all, while you walk around snubbing Trish, a future Hall of Famer, you try and turn a ho into a house wife! Melina’s nothing more than a glorified ring rat. I have zero respect for you Morrison.

“And you know what? We’re going to run into each other at some point in time. I’ll walk right up to you with my chin stuck out and you either chin me, or beat it! But the reality is, you ain’t got the balls to chin me! Cause the reality is, Trish has proven time and time again, to the entire world for that matter, that she has way bigger balls than you’ll ever have.

“Keep trying to turn that ho into a house wife! F**k you Melina! F**k you Morrison! Trying to knock my t-dot girl Trish, who actually earned a spot! God dang!”

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  • erik

    what a loser sean is. newsflash sean hasbeen noone give a crap about you you washup fat 1998 hasbeen. melina is good in ring is a good heel and i think you mistaken melina for kelly kelly who has slept with everone. kelly kelly slept with test, batista, drew mcintrye and now gabriel.k2 is hoe!

  • C. J. Short

    You know… it's entirely possible that John Morrison simply doesn't *mind* that she sleeps around. Not every couple is a monogamous one.

  • Bitch

    Ur de one that is a bitch ur dumbass u think Trish is better than Melina WTF ur way to stupid man n i dont give a fucker shit what u say man ur just way 2 stop to waste talking trash abt others people's lifes ur a fucker bitch asshole. Pendejo veijo pelon nunca vuelvas a hablar asi estupid feo mierda

    • Pete Ballack

      You are a fucking idiot. Fools like you aren't even worthy of debate.
      Just go away. Nobody over the age of 10 gives a fuck what you have to say.

  • Smarty

    oh lookit lol..
    Hey erik.. Batista has confirmed in his book that Melina slept with him when she was in a relationship with Morrison.
    That is one reason he doesnt get a push in WWE. Vince lost all respect for that dude when he accompanied his Girl to her dates when he was in a relationship – LOL
    JM has to be the shittiest dude ive ever heard of.. and Melina's got to be a real life Ho XD
    and to the 3 of you defending these two.. and to that specific dude who says Melina is better than Trish.. lol effn kids..
    Go back to Trish's era and watch her matches all day.. you will see why Trish is considered as a future H.O.F female wrestler unlike That Ho who's called a "DIVA"!


      THANK YOU!!!!! finally someone agrees with me!!! melina is a popoff cocksucking whore and she wishes she was better than trish stratus because IMO if it wasn't for trish,chyna,tara,lita,madusa, and jazz and the other good divas of the past that bitch wouldn't be in the wwe right now and jomo… isn't the miz the reason why YOU are where you are today? or are YOU doing what melina is doing to the WWE staff just to get to the top! and to the 3 idiots who is on their side…. i guess you idiots are giving your bosses a goodtime just to get to the top!! and to that poster named BITCH your username fits you perfectly becaus that's what you are and you must've gotten either a huge payday from your boss or a promotion and you did it by "working hard"… you know what i mean…. BITCH! anyways… WWE is preparing to release some actors next week and i hope that jomo and melina get released so they can go stink up another promotion and if they go to TNA… hogan and bischoff WATCH OUT! melina is a TRASHY BALLHUGGING POLERIDING POPOFF SLUTTY BITCH! and JOMO IS A BALLHUGGING 2 FACED GIRLYMAN! and he and melina is not worth the DOGSHIT on the bottom of their shoes because if dogshit had brains those turds would have way more sense then those 2 physchos have in what little brains they have left! remember: the miz is why jolene is popular today in the E and trish and the past WWF/E divas is why that mortal kombat ripoff slutty bitch is in the E as well!

      • Pete Ballack

        Dude, you desperately need to brush up on your English skills.
        As far as your username goes, it actually wouldn't surprise me if you did work for WWE, considering how downhill the product has gone.

        Quit your petty little rants and try talking some fucking sense. Idiot.

      • Pete Ballack

        HOWEVER, I do agree with you. It would just be nice to see you actually form a sensible argument rather than a stupid and immature rant.

  • erik

    smarty kelly kelly slept with many men batista, test, drew mcintrye, and now justin gabreil, noone ever calls k2 who has had sex with alot of former and current wwe wrestlers. yeah melina has sex with one man. kelly kelly is the hoe. when it comes to wrestling skills melina is good in ring her matches with beth, mccool and others were great.

    • Anon

      One man? Lets count out everyone that has be confirmed she has fucked since she started dating John Morrison, including Morrison of course.

      *Mike Knox
      *Brain Kendrick
      *Jerry Lawler
      *Ric Flair
      *Matt Hardy
      *Jeff Hardy

      Oh and by the way, Kelly confirmed that she never fucked McIntyre despite what idiots like you may think. Learn to spell properly, use appropriate grammar and to capitalize proper letters and come back when you have at least a fifth grade education.

  • obi

    i think there should be an age restriction to post here. these stupid fucking kids are saying that melina is better than Trish??? fucking pg era pussies

  • erik

    I would say melina is not the worst female wrestler i have ever seen in ring. I have seen worst than melina wrestle in wwe. k2 bellas rosa are million times worst than melina. mccool slept with taker to get her spot. why don't you guys admit melina is not only one to have slept her way to top?

    • renegade

      mccool is married 2 taker of course shes slept with him bt dam if melina was smart she stop fucking all the wrestlers and start fucking the management then mayb she would get the spots she wants lol

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