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Val Venis Scrutinizes WWE Wellness Policy

Sean Morley, also known as former WWE superstar Val Venis, has taken part in the Wellness Policy and sees loopholes.

“To me it’s not a stringent Wellness Policy at all,” said Morley on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast. “I could drive a Mack Truck through their Wellness Policy. The reality of the situation is I was on those pills and I was testing positive for those pills, yet I passed my drug test every single time.”

Morley said a wrestler would have two weeeks to present a prescription after taking a drug test. He claimed WWE never tested the amount, only that the prescription was valid.

A failed Wellness Policy violation results in a $2,500 fine.

To hear the entire interview, which includes Morley’s decision to switch to marijuana, please click here.

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