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Very Low RAW Rating, Punk Takes a Shot at Austin, McIntyre Injury Update

– A fan on Twitter asked WWE Champion CM Punk what would have happened if Steve Austin would have came down to the ring on last night’s RAW during the Jim Ross segment. Punk replied:

“Probably would’ve fallen down.”

– Apparently Drew McIntyre did not have surgery on his thumb as reported before. He posted on Twitter today:

“I had so many tweets telling me I had thumb surgery I had to double check my thumb was fine.But the scar on my wrist was still there #thenet”

– In an update from earlier, the final RAW rating for this week is a 2.5. This is the lowest non-holiday RAW in 15 years.

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  • Fuck Off

    Wow. That rating is horrific. Changes obviously need to be made somewhere.

  • matthew

    Too much aj. they need a authority figure That can be taken serious and can act.

  • Tony

    Too bad Vince doesn’t get the fact that THE WRITERS AND STORYLINES FUCKING SUCK!

  • glitch

    and more cena. the trolls need him bad, clearly.

  • Dro

    I was watching the MNF game and missed RAW. I saw RAW this morning and man it was horrible! What was up with the opening segment???
    AJ needs to be taken off as GM.

  • The Truth

    15 years ago? That’s around 1997 when the Attitude Era was barley starting. Ironic isn’t it?

  • Real Kosher

    funny I think it was marc middletons dumb ass that said drew had thumb surgery….cause he didn’t credit any source when he posted it

  • rob

    @Kosher Marc sucks…

  • Joseph

    I didn’t watch raw live because I had read somewhere that Cena would still be on the show. I also hate the Kane/Daniel Bryan anger management garbage and AJ Lee. She is and always has been horrible. Ryback and Brodus Clay both suck. Santino should be fired and sick of John Cena. Why does everybody have to become a coward when they turn heel? Why is Punk the heel when everything he says is the truth?

  • glitch

    joseph are you the the new resident assclown? how did you not watch it live? you were one of the first ones on the “LIVE RAW REPORT” thread to start bitchin about the aj segment.

  • juni

    Look at the bitches whine. It was known before RAW even happened that the rating would be VERY low. Because it had competition with the Dallas Cowboys game

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